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Drug test with medical card

drug test with medical card

Cannabis is legal in most US states. However, several states have different drug laws. In some states, medical card is possible only for those with specific conditions. This has made many people register for a medical card. While cannabis is still illegal at the federal level you can still consume marijuana. Nonetheless will your company drug test with medical card?

When working, using marijuana medically clan clashes with workplace policies of no drugs. This article will focus on common scenarios concerning drug testing medical cardholders.

Can I pass a drug test with a medical card?

While medical cannabis is legal it doesn’t mean you won’t undergo drug tests. Your medical card won’t prevent you from failing a drug test on cannabis. Private employers may not allow you to consume drugs because of a medical card.

Some jobs automatically protect medical cardholders allowing them to use the drug. If you fail a drug test, they won’t sack you. Medical card holders must know the workplace policy on drugs before applying for jobs. Since cannabis is a schedule 1 substance, many employers don’t want their employees to consume it. In some cases, employers drug test with medical card for fear of federal laws.

What can medical marijuana patients do about drug testing?

Medical cardholders with specific ailments can contact their employees regarding medical marijuana use at work. While this might be difficult, it may lead to positive outcomes. The work of employers is to listen to employees’ suggestions. Some states have policies that protect medical cardholders at work. 

Also contacting your representative can resolve the issue of using medical marijuana at work. However, if it doesn’t work you can do a few things including.

Can my employer fire me for having a medical card?

In some states, employers can’t fire you for having a medical card. Also, employees won’t refuse to hire you, discriminate against you just because of your medical card. Therefore, it’s unlawful for an employer to fire you if you fail a drug test for marijuana. This is possible if you are a holder of a medical card.

Can I use marijuana at work with a medical card?

In most states, it’s at the employer’s discretion to use cannabis at work. Most state laws prevent employers from using medical marijuana in the workplace.

Employers can also discipline employees for using medical marijuana at work. If you come to work high on THC, it might impact your job performance.

However, this contradicts ADA law which requires employers to accommodate workers with disabilities. Medical cannabis patients fall under this law because they use it for severe conditions.

Employers must make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities in the workplace. Regardless, since marijuana is illegal at the federal level, this does not apply to medical cardholders.

Bottom line

It’s important to ask your employers if they drug test with medical card. Don’t assume everything is ok until you know the company’s policy. There are no preferences when it concerns drug test with medical card.