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What Kind of Jobs are in the Cannabis Industry?

Jobs are in the Cannabis Industry

Most people don’t know just how much diversity there is concerning cannabis career options. Are you curious about the kinds of jobs are in the cannabis industry? The cannabis industry is booming and with good reason. This multi-billion dollar market is growing rapidly and offers a variety of opportunities for those willing to start their own business. It’s depending on your experience level, or professional background, you can land a great job in the cannabis industry. You can get a peek at some good jobs by searching for marijuana dispensary jobs near me. You will find amazing results. So if you’re interested in jobs in the cannabis industry, now is the time to start looking.


A dispensary budtender job is a great way to start your career in this fast-growing industry. Since this is an entry-level job, you don’t need much experience to land the job.

A Budtenders main function is to interact with the customer. A budtender also directly contacts dispensary customers to ensure transparency. You will need strong interpersonal skills to succeed as a budtender. You’ll also need to be ready to deliver superior customer service each time. The main advantage of a budtender is the access to each customer. You’ll be able to gain a sense of fulfillment after helping a customer.

Dispensary manager

This position requires some level of experience. Working as a budtender will provide the necessary skills to succeed as a dispensary manager. Even if you lack dispensary management skills, just studying the environment can help in this job.

Dispensary managers are responsible for serving as the “face” of the brand. Daily, you will interact with customers, vendors, and law enforcement officers. You must make sure the dispensary runs properly. You also must resolve any customer complaints as well as workers. It’s your job to ensure that daily dispensary operations remain compliant with state regulations. Working as a dispensary manager will give you the leadership skills necessary to move on. 

Sales and marketing

This job is amongst the top-paying fields in the cannabis industry which makes it high in demand. Depending on your location, this job could involve B2B sales, either inter or intra-state. Therefore, prospective candidates must search for marijuana dispensary jobs near me to avoid working remotely.

Master grower

The master grower provides the dispensary with strains. If you know about horticulture, then this job may suit you. Master grower is a lucrative career gaining traction in the cannabis industry. Master growers manage a team of cannabis growers and work by the law.

Cultivation site worker

This job is good for those who want a hands-on role in the cultivation side of the cannabis industry. Even if you lack the necessary skills, you still stand a chance of landing this job. A cultivation site worker is great for those who want to begin their careers. Usually, workers start by trimming cannabis plants. You can progress from there and move to Assistant Grower and beyond.

Lab technicians

Dispensaries need effective laboratories to test the quality and safety of their products. Cannabis lab technicians test products for cannabinoid content, contaminants, and more. They ensure transparency in cannabis products.

Bottom line

No matter the dispensary job you choose, always ensure it’s not far from your location. You can avoid this by searching for marijuana dispensary jobs near me.