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Marijuana vs Alcohol Impairment

Alcohol and marijuana and two substances that people enjoy consuming. But without a doubt, alcohol has high impairment levels than...

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Pharmacy vs Drug store

Pharmacies and drug stores may sound like 2 similar places, but they are quite different. Let’s start with the definition...

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Will Drug Allergy go Away?

Some medications can result in allergic reactions known as 'drug allergies'. In this instance, the drugs are medicines people take...

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How to Increase Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is the body’s process to make and burn energy from food. Metabolism plays a major role in breathing, thinking,...

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Drug For Alcohol Withdrawal

Drug addicts usually fear getting a detox due to its unfriendly withdrawal symptoms. While withdrawal symptoms are mostly physical, some...

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Why Drug Legalization is Good

There are millions of recreational drug users in the US. These drug users still live normal lives without bad consequences....

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Why Drug Testing is Bad

Workplace drug testing is a must in most companies. However, while it's essential to drug test employees, it remains a...

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Which Drug Is Approved by FDA for Corona?

The recent COVID 19 pandemic makes many users ask which drug is approved by FDA for corona. While CBD may...

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When Drug Addicts Relapse

Drug addiction is a major issue but what happens when drug addicts relapse. Sadly, relapse rates for individuals who want...

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