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Which Marijuana is Best for Back Pain?

Back pain is a major cause of discomfort which can increase pain and muscle spasms among individuals. Since traditional medications...

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Where Marijuana Was First Discovered

Most people use cannabis in different forms and for different health conditions. The outstanding benefit of cannabis makes many people...

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When Marijuana Leaves Turn Yellow

Cannabis plants can communicate the stress and nutrient deficiencies they experience. It is the responsibility of the grower to monitor...

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When Marijuana Became Legal

In November 2012, Colorado, and Washington’s legalization of cannabis for recreational use became public. After, the legalization of cannabis became...

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How Marijuana Helps the Economy

The cannabis industry is emerging despite controversies about its usage in several places. Research shows how marijuana helps the economy...

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How Marijuana Affects the Teenage Brain

Marijuana is a popular drug in the United States. While most people enjoy it, experts are investigating how marijuana affects...

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Are Marijuana Plants Perennials?

Most people know that cannabis plants go through their life cycle within a year. They start growing in spring, mature...

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Are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia?

The legalization of medical marijuana in Virginia is good news but are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia? People in Virginia...

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Why Drug Test Is Important

According to the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, over 74% of illegal drug users have jobs. These drug users contribute about...

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