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Can marijuana be used outside of California?

The evolving laws surrounding medical marijuana in California are bringing a lot of question marks. Can medical be used outside...

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Can I renew my medical card after it expires?

Medical marijuana patients in California must renew their medical cards to ensure the responsible use of marijuana products. The Office...

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California Medical Clinic for Headache

More severe than headaches, migraines are a major type of headache that causes intense pain. This type of headache fills...

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Where can I get a medical card renewal form?

A California medical card is a legal state-issued identification license that gives patients many advantages. Patients suffering from debilitating conditions...

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Will hospital drug test me?

Hospitals offer varying resources and expertise which facilitate the diagnoses and treatment of diseases. However, will a hospital drug test...

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Who Prescribes Drugs in a Hospital

A hospital visit can be scary for many who don’t like taking medications. But who prescribes drugs in a hospital?...

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When do Medical Schools Drug tests?

Medical students go through intensive training to become professional doctors. However, while in medical school some students might want to...

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Drugs can be used for medical purposes

Prescription medicines work to treat specific symptoms that require physician care. Doctors prescribe drugs and write the dosage to prevent...

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What medical drug is good for general wellness?

People consume drugs for good health and to restore normal bodily functions but what medical drug is good for pain?...

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