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When Drug Addicts Relapse

Drug addiction is a major issue but what happens when drug addicts relapse. Sadly, relapse rates for individuals who want...

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What Drug Is Clone?

Most of us consume drugs daily but do you notice that some drugs are clone. Nowadays the pharmaceutical industry contains...

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How Drug Use Affects Families

Millions of Americans experience substance abuse problems. Drug use is turning into an epidemic in the US. It affects an...

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How Drugs Affect the Brain

The rise in drug consumption in the US is making it become a pandemic. Drugs can be detrimental for the...

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Can Drug Abuse Cause Schizophrenia?

Drug abuse can severely affect the brain and the body. Psychoactive substances in drugs can alter chemicals in your body...

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WHO Marijuana Definition

The debate about the WHO marijuana definition brings a lot of questions about the legality of cannabis. The recent WHO...

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Which Marijuana Strain Is Best for Migraines?

The rise in workplace stress leads to migraines in some workers. Unfortunately, prescription pills for migraines usually come with side...

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Which Marijuana Plant Has THC?

Marijuana is the only plant that can generate tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, industries are finding new ways to produce psychoactive cannabinoids....

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Which Marijuana Is Best for Stress

Stress is a common condition that affects many people daily. Some cannabis strains have stress-relieving properties, making us feel lighter....

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