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Drug Test Before ADHD Medication

drug test before adhd medication

Here you’ll learn about adhd medication and drug testing. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common mental disorder that affects around 5 percent of the population. It’s a condition that causes problems with focus, attention, and activity levels. If you’re a doctor prescribing ADHD medication to your patients, you’ll need to ensure that they’re complying with the prescribed regimen. Stimulant medications for ADHD can boost a person with ADHD’s ability to work effectively. Even so, many companies now require drug test for adhd medication for new applicants. Since some ADHD medications can impact drug screenings, they cause worry for some employees.

Employees with ADHD are inquiring about drug tests to get ADHD medication. Some may wonder do you get drug tested for adhd meds by employers requesting drug screening. Drugs are usually sensitive to detect the lowest levels of different medications or street drugs.

Is ADHD Medication Drug Test an Invasion of Privacy?

Drug test to get ADHD medication is gaining much controversy. However, companies must ensure a drug-free workplace. Despite this, employees find testing for ADHD medications an invasion of privacy. Laws regarding drug screening depend on the state you live in. However, most have protections to ensure privacy while permitting the company’s rights. You can check with your state for individual laws.

Most employers will have a written drug testing policy that applies to old and new employees. Some companies also provide a list of medications that may produce a positive result. Therefore, if you are on ADHD medications, check the company’s drug testing policy to see if you qualify.

ADHD Medication Drug Test With Prescription

The Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t support discrimination due to disability. However, it supports drug screening and testing. Due to this, applicants reveal their ADHD condition to their employers to protect their job.

adhd medication drug test

Much like ADHD medications, epilepsy medication also gives a “false positive” on testing. Therefore, before a drug test to get ADHD medications, or an add medication drug test they may require an ADHD drug test before Adderall prescription, and some employers should do the following.

  1. Allow employees to present medical evidence of their ADHD.
  2. Employees should be able to request a second, independent test to acknowledge the results
  3. Employees should possess a written copy of the results of the test
  4. Employees should have the right to appeal any decision causing loss of employment. They should also appeal any adverse reactions because of the positive drug screening
  5. Employers should not disclose any medical information through the drug testing process.

Employees should discuss with their employer about ADHD treatments before drug testing. However, individuals, believe they should not be forced to drug test for ADHD meds & disclose their medical information. This is because it may cause a negative view in the employer’s eyes. It can also lead to other forms of discrimination in the workplace.

Before drug testing for ADHD medication, applicants will fill out a form with their personal information. The important information in this form includes any past medications. You should also ask your doctor to provide documentation for your prescription. This information can make some drug testing agencies avoid including a positive result.

If you undergo a urine test for ADHD medication without indicating your medication, you should be able to explain any positive results. The drug testing center must acknowledge your use of ADHD medications before sending them to your employer.

Bottom line

Talking to your employer about your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex task. Therefore, you should avoid making such decisions impulsively. Not all employers drug test to get ADHD medication results. Some employers may discriminate by increasing employee rankings and others may become unfair. If you feel discrimination due to an ADHD medication drug test, file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.