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Drug Test Without Consent

You probably hear of drug test consent forms, but can you drug test without agreement? A drug test consent form helps screen employees for drug use. A consent form is useful during reasonable suspicion of drug use. In this form, the employee permits the employer to take a drug test. These tests can include urine, hair, blood, or any other substance abuse samples. While it’s possible to do a drug test with no consent, it can lead to termination. This article takes a deep dive into drug test authorization forms.

Can an employer drug test without consent ?

Generally, employers cannot drug test with no consent. However, there are several exceptions. First, underage employees need a parent to authorize the test. Secondly, if the employee is severely high on drugs, the employer may conduct a drug test to determine the substance.

When to use a consent form?

When you get severely ill, your doctor may run tests for illicit-drug use without your concern? This is a typical example of a drug test without consent. While this is something possible, it’s done for a good reason.

Suppose you enter the hospital unconscious. Your doctors must detect whether your condition is because of drugs. Therefore, they must test you even without your authorization. Knowing the type of drug in your system is important for doctors. This is especially true if you don’t know about your condition. 

But what if you drug test without the consent of the patient? Because employee drug use can negatively impact the workplace, it’s useful to conduct drug testing. Employers ensure to make their businesses a drug-free workplace, and safe for other employees. However, it’s essential to understand the issue of consent to drug testing.

Obtaining employee test without permission

Employers can obtain consent from their employees before conducting drug tests. Apart from giving permission, consent forms also permit labs to submit test results to the employer.

Employers should not do drug tests without consent. Employers must have consent before conducting drug tests on employees. Guides on writing a consent form are available online. They also provide a basis for creating a drug test consent form.

Before drafting an employee drug test consent form, you must state your purpose. This is because there are different drug testing consent forms. There exist a random drug testing authorization form and a one-time drug test. Furthermore, there is a pre-employment drug testing consent form for new applicants.

Employees and applicants can deny consenting to a drug test. However, in most cases, this can make you lose the job. Some state legislations deny former employees from obtaining unemployment benefits. This happens if the reason for termination is because they refuse to take a drug test.

Workplace drug testing can be beneficial for industries that deal with delicate materials. In such industries, drug use can lead to accidents and the destruction of company property. Employers need to acknowledge federal laws before testing employees. This also helps in obtaining drug test consent forms from employees before testing.

Bottom line

A drug test consent form is very essential in every workplace. They show transparency in a drug test and give employees rights. Employers who decide to a drug test without an agreement form put their business at risk. Employers should ensure to check on state laws but drug testing employees.