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Most Companies who drug test

Most Companies who drug test

Many companies who drug test employees are strict. Procedures for drug testing are common in major corporations throughout the US. Companies such as small industrial businesses and large corporations invest much money to ensure a drug free workplace. Here are some major companies that drug test.

List of companies that drug test


Walmart is amongst the biggest users of pre-employment drug tests in the United States. The company has more than 2 million employees worldwide. Walmart generates a huge income annually. Furthermore, some of its drug testing policies are not available in some stores worldwide. Many Walmart employees acknowledge the different drug testing procedures of the company.

Some acknowledge passing a pre-employment screening. Other employees acknowledge the random drug testing done after the initial pre-employment screening process. Walmart is yet to launch a full drug-testing policy in all its stores worldwide. Reports show that Walmart prefers hair follicle testing rather than urine screening.

Ford Drug Test

Many people asks does ford drug test for thc? Since medical cannabis is legal in most states, Ford Motor Company drug tests its employees. While Ford has fewer workers, the company still has an annual income of 170 billion. It also employs about 90,000 individuals.

New Ford employees acknowledge having pre-employment drug screening. However, it’s unclear if the company randomly tests workers after employment. Reports show that the company plans to randomly test workers to ensure a drug-free workforce. Furthermore, most independent Ford partners drug test their employees as well. Reports show that Ford prefers hair follicle testing rather than urine screening.

Microsoft Drug Test

Does Microsoft drug test? Microsoft has more than 89,000 workers. The company also generates 60 billion in annual revenues. This puts Microsoft amongst the largest employers in the computer tech industry. Microsoft is also one of the largest companies that do pre and post-drug tests for employees.

The company usually tests employees for drugs at its facilities. Microsoft uses urine samples, saliva, and hair follicle testing to detect drugs. Employees acknowledge that Microsoft does regular random drug testing every 30-days. The company also switches its testing procedures to ensure a drug-free workforce.


ExxonMobile is amongst the largest industrial corporations worldwide. Since this company deals with oil and gas, workplace safety is a high priority. ExxonMobile is trying to ensure a drug-free environment by conducting regular drug tests. The company drug tests its employees to prevent any future disasters. They don’t want their employees to be under the influence of alcohol at any time.

Reports show that ExxonMobile currently implements pre-employment drug testing procedures for all employees. However, we don’t know whether the company does post-employment screening. Therefore, there’s a probability that some employees may be consuming drugs or alcohol while working. ExxonMobile generates over $400 billion in annual revenues which gives enough income for drug testing. These are worldwide drug testing companies before giving job.

Bottom line

Many companies drug test their employees and potential new job applicants. Usually, these common pre-employment drug tests are just part of the hiring process. Generally, companies will notify prospective employees about their pre-employment drug tests. Potential employees will also agree to the drug tests before applying for the job. Furthermore, most companies may also randomly test their employees for alcohol or drug use during their employment.