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Can Drug Test Detect Alcohol?

Can Drug Test Detect Alcohol

Drug tests are essential for companies when hiring new workers. It’s a standard procedure that ensures the company operates in a drug-free environment. Most people usually ask several questions including can drug test detect alcohol. Long answer short — it depends.

In this article, we’ll talk about drug testing for alcohol. We’ll also talk about how long it takes for alcohol to leave your system.

Types of drug tests

There are several ways to test for alcohol in the system. The most popular ways include

  • Blood Tests
  • Mouth Swab
  • Hair Tests
  • Urine Test
  • Breath Test
  • Sweat Test

All these testing methods will work effectively to detect alcohol in your system.

Will alcohol show up on a test?

Since drug tests are a common practice in most companies it’s difficult to abstain from them. An individual who lacks a history of drug use may need to take one before work. So, a common question that most users ask is: can drug tests detect alcohol?

Alcohol is a legal substance, and many people consume it for leisure. Individuals usually want a drink or two on the night before the drug test. However, how can you detect alcohol in your system?

Alcohol takes about 12-48 hours to leave your body. In contrast to other drugs, cocaine takes 2-3 days. Marijuana takes 1-3 weeks. Therefore, we see that alcohol doesn’t stay long in your system.

How to pass a drug test?

Since alcohol usually remains in your system for a few days, you can abstain from it. To ensure that you pass a drug test, you must not use alcohol for several days before the drug test.  If the company tests for both alcohol and cannabis, then abstain for months.

Several other ways to pass an alcohol drug test are by drinking a lot of water. However, don’t drink too much water because your urine might be diluted for a urine-based test. If you must take a urine test, try to urinate several times before the test. Also, avoid using alcohol-based mouthwash before alcohol tests. An alcoholic mouth wash can detect alcohol use and sometimes it’s mistaken for alcoholic drink consumption.

Preparing For Your Test

Companies usually inform workers about the drug test. This gives individuals time to carefully prepare for the test before it occurs. However, some companies may decide not to inform workers about the drug test. The company can also specify the type of test whether alcohol or cannabis test. Drug tests for alcohol shouldn’t be a burden because the substance is legal.

Bottom line: Can drug test detect alcohol

At the start of the article, we gave a short answer; it depends. If it’s an alcohol test, then don’t drink alcohol before the test. Since alcohol takes about 48 hours to clear from the system, you don’t have to drink it. If you consume alcohol 24 hours before the test, it could show up on your test results. Companies that test for alcohol usually punish workers who test positive for alcohol usage. Therefore, it’s advisable to drink responsibly.