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Medical Card Without Doctor

A medical marijuana card is vital for patients who want quick access to cannabis. To qualify for a medical card, you need a doctor’s recommendation. However, patients often ask, how can I get a medical card without a doctor?

Truth be told, if you want a medical marijuana card, you will need a doctor’s recommendation. The process for getting a recommendation can differ depending on where you live.

How to get a medical card without a condition

If you want to get a medical card and you lack a solid condition, there’s always a method.

There are some common conditions affecting us daily that can land you a doctor’s recommendation. These conditions include:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

If you suffer from pain anxiety or insomnia, leaving it untreated can affect your quality of life. When it becomes debilitating, you can seek relief through medical cannabis.

Chronic pain sufferers have a high chance of getting a recommendation from a doctor. However, most doctors might want to see some medical history proof.

Tips on getting a medical card without a doctor

Advocate for Yourself

Doctors will usually tell you no. Doctors always try to limit the number of medi

cal cards for patients. However, it’s your obligation to prove to the doctor that you need a recommendation. Tell the doctor about your need for medical marijuana for your daily lifestyle.

The reason why medical marijuana is legal is because of persistence on the path of citizens. If you believe that a medical card will save you then you will get one. Telling your doctor that medical marijuana offers lesser side effects than most prescription meds will be helpful. It’s your right to consume cannabis and a doctor should know. Therefore, ensure to make a convincing argument for yourself.

Talk about the side effects of prescription pills

Tell the doctor about the side effects of opioids and their ability to damage your organs. Also, talk about the side effects of sleeping pills. If the doctor knows about these side effects, he/she will instantly fear for you. It’s essential to talk about the safety of medical marijuana as an alternative.

You can also argue about using medical marijuana as a safer alternative to alcohol. Always mention your success stories with medical marijuana. Eventually, you may land a medical card.

Admit the lack of access to healthcare

If you lack any records of your past conditions, just say that you always lack access to health care. Maybe you are from a family that doesn’t trust doctors. Perhaps you take a comprehensive approach to your health.

Maybe you don’t have access to health insurance and always learn to self-medicate. But the availability of cannabis comes to save people like you. Medical marijuana will provide easy and safe access to everyone who needs it.

Bottom line

If you need medical card without doctor, there are always ways to prove yourself. Just ensure to give valid reasons to show that you don’t need a severe health condition. However, we can’t assure you that you will get a medical card without doctor. But we won’t discourage you from trying.