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Why drug test for employment?

Over recent years, drug testing plays a role in many companies and businesses. Employers can demand drug tests depending on state laws. A common myth concerning drug testing is that employers do it because of trust issues. While drug testing is for the company’s protection, it’s also for employee protection. So, there are many reasons while drug test for employment .

The primary types of drug tests include pre-employment and random drug testing. Pre-employment drug tests screen potential employees for drug use. This ensures new employees are free of any drug abuse issues. Many companies have strict drug-free rules. Therefore, drug addicts can’t get employment in such companies.

Random drug tests screen employees without prior notice. This type of drug test ensures that current employees are drug-free. There are many reasons why drug test for employment, including:

To sort workers with drug problems

Drug testing employees eliminate the chance of hiring drug addicts. Sometimes companies may hire individuals with a history of drug usage. Therefore, it’s essential to drug test employees. Hiring a drug addict will affect productivity in the workplace. Persons with a history of drug use may also influence other workers. A drug test serves several purposes. It saves the cost of employing individuals who use drugs. It also makes it easy for the drug addict to seek rehabilitation.

To safeguard the company’s reputation

State and federal laws demand that employers maintain a drug-free workplace. Companies also have drug testing guidelines to comply with these laws. If an employee misbehaves because he took drugs, the company may face charges. The government may make the company responsible for the employee’s actions. Therefore, sound drug testing is necessary for the workplace. A drug test acts as a preventive measure for employers to avoid government lawsuits.

A drug test also facilitates a clean and ethical company name and reputation. Employees with a drug abuse history can also taint the image of the company.

To keep other employees safe

It’s the Employers job to keep employees safe. Individuals who consume drugs lack high productivity. They may bring a negative atmosphere which can affect communication, and productivity. Employees under the influence of drugs can harm other employees. Employees consuming alcohol and other drugs can pose a higher risk of danger to their colleagues.

Increase productivity

A recurrent drug test can lead to high productivity. Drug-free employees often cover the work of those using drugs on site. This leads to discontent in the workplace and loss of team morale. Drug-free workplaces contain a lot of energy to think and work. Furthermore, a drug-free environment increases employee relationships and morale.

Reduce turnover

Employers drug test to reduce business’ turnover rates. Drug users usually change jobs several times per year because they often lose their jobs. This increases the company’s expenses. Maintaining a drug-free environment ensures high productivity and can reduce employee turnover by a third.

Bottom line

People ask the question, why drug test for employment if it only increases cost? Drug testing is common in most modern companies. Drug testing is very relevant and can help you know your workers.