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Which Drug Test Is Most Expensive?

which drug test is most expensive

A drug test is common when screening for new employees. Most companies can either choose to have a blood, hair, saliva, or urine test. However, some companies want cheap drug tests while others want expensive drug tests. Effective tests usually detect marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, and other hard drugs.

The cost of a drug test plays a role in its effectiveness. Therefore, this article focuses on which drug test is most expensive.

How much does a drug test cost?

The cost of a drug test depends on the type of test and the number of drugs involved. The cost might also increase depending on where you take the test. If you take the test at home, it will cost about $7 for the urine test

Each drug test typically has its price range. Furthermore, the number of drugs you screen for may also increase the cost.

Hair follicle drug tests are the most expensive option. This type of drug test costs about $50 to $95 for a single test and it screens for several drugs.

Knowing which drug test is most expensive is necessary for understanding the effects of addiction.

The price for urine drug tests depends on what substances are being tested for. It also depends on which company will be performing the test. A primary urine drug screen can cost around $40.

The most common urine drug test is a five-panel. This test screens for five substances including cannabis, cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine. However, a three-panel screen is usually cheaper and costs around $42.

How much does a urine drug test cost?

The least expensive drug test is urine drug tests that only screen for one drug. The price usually ranges from $2 to $5 for a single test. However, for five or more tests it will cost around $10 to $30 for a kit.

How much does a saliva drug test cost?

Saliva drug tests involving several drugs usually cost between $8 and $20 for a single test. However, for more tests, it cost around $11 and $85 for a kit. Saliva drug test pricing will depend on the type of drug and the company in charge.

A saliva drug test cost more than a urine test. This is because of the extra steps during the collection of saliva. During a saliva test, your doctor takes your sample in an anonymous cup. The lab will then screen the sample and provide the results.

How much does a hair follicle drug test cost?

Hair follicle drug test is the most expensive. This is because it tests for each hair follicle.  Furthermore, if you want to test for cocaine, the price may also increase.

Normally, a hair follicle drug test cost around $166.51. The test is valid for approximately three months.

Bottom line

Determining which drug test is most expensive will depend on several factors. Firstly, expensive drug tests require a complex chemical analysis. Also, expensive drug tests require more handling than other test.