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Drug Test for Security Clearance

Drug Test for Security Clearance

Applicants may undergo troubles when they drug test for security clearance. Testing positive for drug use can put you into trouble. Since cannabis is legal, applicants for security clearance wonder whether cannabis can still disqualify a person. 

Notwithstanding the legality of marijuana, federal law still considers it as a schedule 1 drug. The reason why they drug test for security clearance is because

It may show that people can’t respect the law and regulations. It may also show that you can’t handle confidential information.

  • A drug user may use poor judgment and unintentionally compromise classified information.
  • Drug users may engage in risky activities which can cause risks to people around them. 
  • Drug users tend to be psychologically or physically dependent.

Does passing drug involvement jeopardize security clearance?

The government may have security concerns about past or current illegal drug use. This is because it can bring up some questions about judgment. Those with a security clearance must be responsible and reliable in their duties.

This responsibility also goes outside business hours. Employees must have good personal conduct during off-duty hours as well. The government is strict concerning drug usage since drugs can hinder the workplace. Drugs can change your perspective and impact your judgment.

Many people ask whether past drug involvement reduces your chances of security clearance. The answer is no but you will have to mitigate the government’s concerns. This involves proving that your previous drug usage doesn’t affect the government’s ability to trust you.

Several circumstances can trigger Guideline H including usage before obtaining a clearance. There are several parameters to whether this concern is noteworthy enough to deny you from getting a clearance.

Can you undergo drug tests after security clearance?

Getting caught using drugs requires a drug test for security clearance. This is common if you are caught with drugs while possessing a clearance. You must disclose current or prior usage before the drug test for security clearance. Failing to do so will pose a risk that can influence your job.

Most clearance holders make several mistakes that involve using marijuana. While many states have legal cannabis at the federal level, it is still a Schedule 1 drug. Many clearance holders don’t understand this distinction and engage in cannabis use. Even if you don’t smoke, simply visiting a dispensary may jeopardize your security clearance. If you fail a drug test for security clearance it will further jeopardize your position.

There are ways to gain trustworthiness with the government after failing a drug test for security clearance. You can show the government that your previous involvement with drugs doesn’t reflect your present overall character. Eventually, understanding advocating for yourself will help you maintain your security clearance. Employees must be aware of their involvement with any drug, as it could damage their career.

Bottom line

Lawmakers are now looking for ways to reduce applicants with previous drug use. Current applicants with a history of drug use may undergo drug tests for security clearance. Thus, the question of marijuana use raises security concerns and is disqualifying. If you plan on getting security clearance, ensure to refrain from any drug activities both inside and outside your job. Government guidelines show that you will undergo drug tests to show that you are drug-free.