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Companies Who Don’t Drug Test

companies who do not drug test

In 2021, at least 36 states allow legal medical marijuana, with 15 of those states legalizing recreational marijuana.

Nonetheless, it is interesting that the use of pre-employment drug tests is still questionable. There’s still a debate on whether medical or recreational marijuana should have an impact on the workplace. While some positions support drug tests, others cut it off altogether.

Finding companies who don’t drug test is your safest for avoiding drug tests. Even if drug tests are lacking in your field of choice, each employer sets the company’s drug policies.

In this article, we’ll look at companies that don’t drug test their employees. This will allow cannabis users to choose from these companies.

Top 5 Companies Who Do Not Drug Test

  • Apple

This company provides innovation since day one. Apple looks for employees who contribute something unique and special. Therefore, they don’t care what you do with your free time. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to avoid drug tests. Even an entry-level employee working in a warehouse, won’t be tested.

Silicon Valley companies are popular for being companies who don’t drug test.  Therefore, keep that in mind when applying for jobs that don’t drug test.

  • Starbucks

Starbucks offers a wide variety of positions that can lead to impressive careers. They believe that talent should not go away because of drug use. Starbucks also accepts applicants with tattoos, piercings, and other abstract fashion styles. 

Even if you are a barista or a senior-level executive, you won’t be drug tested at Starbucks.

  • Target

While sharing similarities with Starbucks, Target is among companies that don’t drug test. This is especially true for sales associates on the floor, cashiers, and corporate officers.

Target also offers a high starting salary ($15/hour) for entry-level store employees. The discount also increases if you shop there for your weekly groceries.

  • Whole Foods

Whole Food’s organic grocery store chain is popularly known as “Whole Paycheck.” While their products are expensive, employees enjoy a discount on products. Employees also never worry about drug tests because Whole Foods’ foundation is built on community trust.

Trader Joe’s is another company like whole foods that doesn’t administer drug tests.

  • Michael’s

This is another company that doesn’t drug test all positions. Michael’s offers art enthusiasts a great place to work. Employees won’t have to worry about drug tests. Furthermore, they gain a 30% discount on the store’s products.

All cannabis companies

Cannabis companies won’t drug test any employee. This is because it’s a progressive, forward-thinking industry.

You won’t have to bother about conventional habits because the cannabis industry comes with a change. Nevertheless, there’s a zero chance that you’ll be tested for cannabis, at the very least.

Keep in mind that for companies who don’t drug test, exceptions exist. Positions in these companies that deal with transportation may require drug tests. This can happen regularly or after an accident occurs. Companies can also drug test workers’ compensation claims.

Bottom line

If you are a job seeker but you don’t want to take a drug test, then there’s always a solution. Companies are beginning to cut drug tests due to the cost. This has made many positions across a variety of fields to become available.