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Will Drug Test Show Alcohol?

Alcohol is a chemical compound consisting of a hydroxide bond, 2 carbons, and 5 oxygen bonds. Nowadays, the existence of different testing kits makes it easier to detect alcohol consumption. Employers can easily determine whether an employee is under the influence of alcohol or not.

Many people usually doubt the potential of alcohol to show in a drug test. However, will drug test show alcohol? How long does alcohol stay in your system?” In this article, we’ll find out the answers to these questions.

Alcohol and drug test

Many companies test employees for alcohol. There exist several machines and devices which detect alcohol consumption. An alcohol drug test can also occur on the road. When the police suspects, they usually perform a drug test. Law enforcement officials usually use an alcohol screening device to check for driving under alcohol influence. These alcohol tests can determine the real usage of drugs and alcohol by the drivers.

How long does alcohol remain in your system?

Most drugs will remain in your system for a particular amount of time. Like other drugs, Alcohol also stays in the body for a long time. Reports state that alcohol leaves the blood every 0.015 mg per hour. This means that alcohol remains in the blood for nearly 12 hours.

When you consume alcohol, it remains in different body parts for quite a while. Alcohol remains in the bladder for 3 to 5 days depending on your usage. Alcohol remains in the hair for 90 days or more.

When you drink alcohol, 20% of it remains in the stomach itself. Only 80% of alcohol enters the small intestine. Afterward, after digestion, alcohol enters the bloodstream. At this point, the alcohol spreads quickly in the body. Since blood moves in all parts of the body, alcohol quickly spreads in the bloodstream.

Alcohol testing methods

There are several ways to test for alcohol in the body. The most popular methods include blood, urine, and breath tests.

  • Breath Test

A breath test is a common way to detect alcohol usage. This test is popular among drivers who consume alcohol. The roadside police conduct breath tests on drivers to detect any form of intoxication. Breath tests work by putting Breathalyzer machines in the mouth.

  • Saliva Test

Saliva tests work very effectively to detect alcohol consumption. The saliva test also goes by the nickname “Mouth Swab” test. It works by detecting the presence of ethanol, a common chemical in beer, wine, and spirits. This saliva test is more costly than breath tests and urine tests. They forecast the measure of alcohol in your system within a day or two.

Bottom line

Will drug test show alcohol? Yes. Since alcohol shows in drug tests, employers conduct alcohol tests to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid consuming alcohol at work. But if you still consume alcohol, wait for 48 hours before drug tests.

Keep in mind that, employers don’t conduct random alcohol tests. These tests happen due to suspicion over employees. However, alcohol tests are essential in the transportation or construction sectors. Thus, if you are a driver, know that alcohol will show in drug tests.