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Best time Drug Test for Job

Best time Drug Test for Job

Drug testing is a primary aspect of maintaining safety in the workplace. Sometimes drug testing is a primary aspect of the employment hiring process. This is known as pre-employment drug testing. There is also random drug testing on employees which takes people by surprise. Therefore, there is a need to know when is drug test for job.

Some companies have the right to test employees for drug use. Usually, the company notifies potential employees about the drug test. Sometimes the company states the time of the test in the job posting or on the initial application.

Who needs Drug Test for job?

Most private companies must not do drug tests on employees. However, if you work in some companies, it’s a must to a drug test. Fields such as transportation, safety, defence, transit, and aviation require drug tests. Other careers that require drug testing include hospitals, schools, and universities.

Pre-Employment drug testing

Job applicants may undergo testing as part of the employment hiring process. Companies that test for drug use follow a specific routine. Some employers require drug tests to ensure the employee is free from any drug usage. If you fail a pre-employment drug test, your job offer will be withdrawn.

In most companies, employees must undergo a drug test before finalizing the job offer. This type of policy is common in big companies like Microsoft and Amazon. Most well-established and reputable companies follow this policy as part of the hiring process.

Before submitting your application, you will already know if it needs a drug test. Jobs that require a pre-employment drug test have certain measures. You must pass the test to get the job. If you miss the test, you won’t have the job. Also, if you fail the test your job offer will be withdrawn.

When do companies drug test?

If you need to take a pre-employment drug test don’t panic. Your employer will provide the time of the drug tests after your interview.

Drug tests never occur during an interview. However, you may need to take one on the interview day at a different location. Therefore, be ready for a drug test on the interview day.

Additionally, employers typically conduct random drug testing after employment. These tests occur to ensure that employees are all safe. It also maintains compliance with federal laws.

Random tests usually occur at a manager’s discretion. Therefore, if an employee consumes drugs while on the job, a supervisor may issue a drug test.

While these may seem insecure, it is the right of some employers. Before you work for a company, you must agree to random drug testing. When you sign your employment contract you agree to drug testing. Drug testing occurs anytime, especially if an employee acts strange at work.

When arguments occur at a workplace, the participants will also undergo drug tests. Even if you didn’t cause the argument, you still need a drug test. Doing a drug test due to an incident ensures everyone’s safety. This is especially true in positions that deal with heavy machinery.

Bottom line

By now we know when is drug test for job. Most companies schedule drug tests during the hiring process. However, in some situations, employers can decide to randomly drug test employees.