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What Drug Test Does Walmart Use?

what drug test does walmart use

Walmart’s reputation for its incredibly strict zero-tolerance policy gives it relevance. The company does not allow employees to use illegal drugs and alcohol. To ensure that employees are drug-free, they ensure to do regular tests on employees, and in this way they perform Walmart Drug Test. Many people wants to know what drug test does Walmart use? This content will give you a detailed answer of it.

Does Walmart Drug Test New Employees?

Job applicants at Walmart always ask what drug test does Walmart uses. You have to face a Walmart pre employment drug test. Don’t be surprised. After the initial screening process, you must take a drug test. So, a Walmart drug test is necessary for employment. You will get full information on does Walmart drug test. Here you’ll get no jobs that don’t drug test.

What Type of Drug Test Does Walmart Use?

Walmart employees undergo a standard urine test that screens for five main drugs, including:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • PCP

The urine test detects the metabolites of the above drugs in your urine, not the drugs themselves. Since drugs break down quite quickly in your body, they test for the metabolites instead. Metabolites are easy to detect because they last longer on drug users.

The drug test by Walmart depends on your location and the popular drugs in your area. The test can also depend on the cost of the overall drug test by employees. The process of testing is quite easy.

  • Employees take a cup and go to the bathroom.
  • You pee in the cup
  • A technician takes the sample to a lab and assesses it.
  • Walmart receives the results after a few days.
what type of drug test does walmart use

NB; All drug testing labs screen for cheats. They check to ensure the following

  • That the temperature of the urine sample is similar to your body temperature.
  • whether the pH is within biological limitations.
  • To screen for several well-known adulterants.

If you cheat in any way, you will fail the test, even if your urine was clean.

Walmart and Marijuana

Currently, several states have laws legalizing recreational or medical marijuana. However, Walmart will still screen for cannabis in their pre-employment drug tests. If you test positive for marijuana use, you will lose your job.

Walmart marijuana policy is strictly zero-tolerance clearly shows on all its employees. If you have an accident on duty, you must conduct a drug test. This is because Walmart believes the cause of the accident may be due to drugs.

Walmart admits to firing employees who test positive for marijuana. Regardless of the legality of cannabis in your state, Walmart will still fire you.

Types of tests by Walmart

Random Testing

Random testing prevents the use of drugs in the company. These tests occur randomly but they can also happen due to suspicion. Some states don’t allow random testing and companies can pay fines for it.

Some companies issue warnings before conducting random tests so be sure to be alert for random testing.

Suspicion Testing

Suspicion testing occurs if you are a suspect of possible drug use while at work. The test is common in employees with erratic behaviors and poor performances.

Post-accident Testing

Walmart conducts post-accident testing because it may be because of drugs. Post-accident testing ensures whether your accident was due to an illegal substance.

Bottom line; Are Walmart drug tests serious?

Testing positive for a drug test will lead to immediate termination. Also, any attempt to cheat will lead to the annulment of the interview process. When you fail a Walmart drug test you can’t apply for other Walmart jobs for a specific timeframe.