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Leaf Curling in Cannabis Plants

cannabis plant leaf curling

Leaf curling in cannabis plants may also refer to ‘cupping’ or ‘canoeing’. This symptom is usually an indication of an unhealthy plant. Leave curling may result from watering your plants either too much or too little. It could also be due to several nutrient deficiencies such as Improper pH.

It is essential to accurately detect the specific issue leading to leaf curling in cannabis plants. This will help you understand how to correct the damage. Further damage can occur if you try to remedy the wrong issue.

What causes leaf curl in cannabis plants

Overwatering cannabis makes the leaves curl downwards and lose their color. Underwatering cannabis will also cause drooping of the leaves and make your leaves brown.

Cannabis leaf edges curling up and severe discoloration may result from pH issues. Checking the media of your cannabis plants may prevent this particular issue.

When leaves become brown towards the end it may be due to an issue. Also, curling leaves during the vegetative period could be a phosphorous deficiency.

Phosphorous deficiency may also lead to bud discoloration and leave curl during the flowering stage.

When younger leaves become yellow it’s because of sulfur deficiency. It can also make the tips begin to curl.

How to fix curling cannabis Leaves

Novice growers usually suffer from weed leaves curling up on edges. Leaf curling in cannabis plants means the growing conditions are not ideal.

Common causes of leaf curling include:

  • Excessive humidity
  • Overheating
  • Root problems
  • Over-watering

Regardless, these issues can be easy to fix. For instance, cannabis plants with issues may be a sign of temperature issues. Plants closer to light should move further away to fix the issue.

Cannabis plants showing no signs of issues may become vulnerable. Ventilate the room by installing fans to maintain air circulation. You don’t have to leave your plants too hot. You can use a hygrometer to track humidity levels.

If leaf curling cannabis plants are not a temperature issue, then look at the roots. Cannabis plants need regular water but be careful. Overwatering your plants is a common issue. So be sure to keep a balance between overwatering and underwatering.

The growing pots should have drainage holes because water needs to flow out. Don’t let roots remain in stagnant water for a long period. Roots in water can lead to a loss of oxygen and nutrients. Excess water can prevent roots from taking up nutrients and lead to leaf curling.

Root issues lead to droopy cannabis plants. This will eventually stunt its growth or twist the leaves. Root problems with cannabis plants can go away. You will need to transplant it into a pot with fertile soil and water appropriately. However, this is a slow process and requires patience.

When leaves become ‘cupped’, they may never recover. However, over time new leaves will replace old leaves. When this happens ensure to take good care of them.

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Bottom line

Cannabis is a powerful plant, and it is resilient to most things. If you have issues with marijuana leaves curling up then seek advice early. If you resolve root problems, then your leaves will grow strong and healthy.