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Marijuana with 3 leaves

In this article, we are going to discuss the cause of marijuana with 3 leaves.

Each cannabis strain is unique, and some plants have more tips on their leaves than others. Most cannabis plants begin with 3 leaves when they are young. However, as they become mature, the leaves spread to have more points.

After germination, the leaves usually have a second set of 3-point leaves. From then onwards, the leaves normally have more than three points.

Cannabis plants have several numbers of points. However, the most common point is seven. Depending on the strain, you will see 5, 9, 11, or even 13 points which aren’t unusual. While these may be rare, occasionally marijuana plants have an even number of points.

Marijuana with 3 leaves might result from different growing conditions. Some plants will have more leaves depending on the environment. An ideal environment can lead to leaves with more points.

Nonetheless, some plants may have varying leaves even on the same plant.

Regardless, what if your marijuana plant grows with the normal 3-finger leaves? What does that mean?

What causes marijuana with 3 Leaves?

  • Light stress: Light is an essential factor, and significant changes in grow light type or light levels can influence the leaves.
  • Unexpected photoperiods: Switching grow lights on and off at a new time or changing the plant’s lighting schedule can also influence leaves. Sometimes marijuana with 3 leaves results from switching to a 12/12 light schedule.
  • Environmental stress: High temperatures, stagnant air, underwatering, and other stress factors can lead to marijuana with 3 leaves.
  • Re-vegetating: When a plant starts developing buds in the flowering stage before going to the vegetative stage, it can lead to marijuana with 3 leaves. 
  • Genetics: Marijuana with 3 leaves can be due to genetics. If your plants are healthy and still grow with 3-point leaves, then there’s no need to worry.

Cannabis plants with 3-point leaves may also be because of a stress response. This response is usually a result of major changes in light quality or light schedule. For example, switching plants from fluorescent to powerful LED lights can lead to 3-point leaves. The major cause for this effect is because the plants adjusted to the light and started growing regularly.

Why plants start growing 3-point leaves after a change in light can depend on the type of strain.

Changing the light schedule can also affect the number of leaves. Plants may grow 3-point leaves after switching their grow light or having irregular light schedules.

Outdoor growing comes with difficulties controlling mother nature. Natural factors like bush fires can cause plants to grow 3-point leaves. Bush fires create smoke that blocks the sun’s rays which leads to a 3-point stress response.

Plants growing 3-point leaves in response to stress will correct themselves after a while. All you need is time.

Bottom line

Cannabis plants with 3 leaves is quite rare but if your cannabis plants suddenly have 3-point leaves, an unusual scenario you shouldn’t ignore. Find out the cause of this change and act accordingly.