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What are the Various Forms of Cannabis?

various forms of Cannabis

Are you curious about different forms of cannabis? Curious about the effects of different strains? Wondering what CBD is good for? Whether smoking or vaping is better? In this post, we’ll discuss various forms of cannabis, the effects of each, and how to use them best. From India to Sativa, we’ll cover it all! So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cannabis user, read on to learn more!


This is probably the most popular form of weed. The flower is the part of the cannabis plant that blooms into buds. It usually comprises the trimmed leaves and the stems of the plant. The whole cannabis plant is considered a flowering species divided into different categories including cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica, and cannabis ruderalis


Hashish is another popular form of cannabis. The cannabis plants emit a sticky resin similar to the glue secreted by trees. This resin goes through the process of drying before being compressed into different forms such as cakes or blocks. This pressed resin can also be called hash or hashish and it has high amounts of THC. It lacks plant material such as cellulose like standard cannabis leaves or flowers. Hashish can be smoked like regular marijuana to gain pleasure.

Marijuana Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have risen in popularity over the last couple of years. Cannabis concentrates are cannabis extracts that have gone through different technological processes, removing unnecessary plant material and other impurities. There are different types of marijuana concentrates and these include.

Shatter- This type of concentrate has the highest potency. Shatter resembles a tinted piece of glass or candy. Shatter also has a brittle or snappy texture. Shatter can be extracted using different methods including butane or CO2.

Wax- Wax, also called butter or frosting, is popular among medical cannabis users. Wax is much softer than shatter and its texture is like that of melted candle wax. Wax and shatter have the same extraction process, but wax is whipped for several hours during the final drying stages to make it smooth.


While edibles were existing before cannabis legalization, its only recently that they became popular. Edible can be food or beverage that has been infused with THC. Edibles can also include chocolates, gummies and hard candies. The psychoactive compound, THC is infused with the food, through a cooking process to bring desired effects. Edible effects are slower than usual to kick in and sometimes it requires around 30 minutes to start feeling the effects.


Topicals are another form of cannabis that is not meant for ingestion. Topicals usually contain CBD or THC and it’s applied to the skin to provide relief. Topicals are often used to help manage symptoms such as pain, rashes, or other skin conditions. Topicals come in the form of balms, creams, lotions, and sprays. Doctors usually prescribe it as an alternative treatment to conditions like arthritis, muscle aches, and spasms.

Bottom line

There exist various forms of cannabis as well as different ways to consume cannabis. It’s up to you to choose which method works best for your condition. If you want high-hitting effects, then consume concentrates or hashish but if you want subtle effects use topicals or edibles.

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