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Which Marijuana Makes You Relax

Marijuana has three categories including hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. Indica originates from the Hindu Kush Mountains of Asia and provides relaxing effects. The second type of marijuana is sativa, which is known for its stimulating effects. The third type of marijuana is hybrid, and it combines indica and sativa effects. Over the past years, medical studies have shown the same chemical makeup between the three types. Each type of marijuana also has its different strains which give specific effects on a user.

Jack Herer

When it comes to which marijuana makes you relax, Jack Herer is on top. This strain suits seasoned cannabis users who want relaxation and less anxiety. Jack Herer has both indica and sativa genetics which makes it a hybrid strain. Consuming this strain will give you mind elevation, giving room for creativity. Also, it will help lower your stress and anxiety levels giving room for relaxation. This strain is perfect for users in need of ultimate relaxation from stress. 

Willy’s Wonder Strain

This strains name originates from a famous cannabis advocate, Willie Nelson. Since this is an Indica-dominant strain, it needs care. This is because it has high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) reaching over twenty percent. This strain is among which marijuana makes you relax. It provides a head high which increases focus and creativity. Also, users will experience an elevating high followed by a wave of relaxation that touches every body part. Willy wonder also gives couch lock so consume with moderation.

Blue Dream

This strain is popular in most US states. Blue dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has Blueberry and Haze genetics. If you want relaxation from tension and anxiety, this strain can do the magic. Simply take two or three puffs and enjoy the relaxing feeling. Also, this strain gives you a sense of happiness as well as an uplifting relaxation effect. It has a high THC content that will immediately give you a high relaxation that will send you to a deep couch lock. Novice users should consume this strain in moderation. Excessive use of this strain can cause frequent anxiety, paranoia, or extreme stress.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a popular strain among most cannabis lovers. This strain is great for those who want relief from stress. Long-term cannabis consumers love this strain because it provides adequate mental stimulation. OG Kush has high THC levels which makes it a potent strain. The aroma of this strain will give you a sense of relaxation. OG Kush is great for people looking to treat insomnia and pain. Additionally, it offers full mental relaxation, freeing you from any negative thoughts. Due to its high relaxation effect, it’s preferable to consume this strain at night.

Bottom line

Searching for which marijuana makes you relax can be a daunting task for many. However, the above strains will help you in your search for relaxing strains. These strains offer a lot of benefits to the user including relaxation and reducing stress. However, we recommend that you consume moderately to gain the full effects of this strain.