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Marijuana versus Prescription drugs

Medical marijuana is popular for its many health benefits to both young and adults. Traditional methods and prescription drugs usually come with several side effects, and they may not work for everybody. Low-THC cannabis and medical marijuana are now suitable replacements for patients seeking a natural therapeutic alternative.

Different prescription medications may not be great for our bodies as we age. So, it’s obvious why several people are using medical marijuana as a replacement for prescription drugs.

In this article, we are going to focus on marijuana versus prescription drugs and provide reasons why cannabis is healthier to use than prescription drugs.

An alternative to harmful opioids

Studies show that opioids can potentially damage your essential organs as you get old. Also, it can lead to addiction as your tolerance levels increase or even result in an overdose. Patients with severe pain usually use potent pain killers which can cause organ damage, tolerance, and addiction. Cannabis as a medicine acts as a safe replacement for opioids. Also, cannabis has a low risk of overdose. When you ingest or smoke marijuana for health conditions it provides little or no side effects.

Less harmful side effects

Although most medications have side effects, some can be more dangerous than others.  Some prescription drugs can lead to organ damage or addiction. In the case of marijuana versus prescription drugs, marijuana has few side effects which doesn’t result in long-term damage.

Relieves specific conditions for adults

As you age your body becomes liable to certain health conditions. Even the healthiest people become susceptible to health problems as they grow older. The side effects of prescription medications may be difficult for people of age to handle. Interestingly, medical marijuana can assist with a lot of conditions that come as we age. Common conditions include Alzheimer’s, dementia, osteoporosis, chronic pain, arthritis, and glaucoma.

Controllable doses and medication

Usually, the medications available to us are dictated by our doctor and levels of tolerance to certain drugs. There may be several instances where no medications work for you and there are no other options. Also, these prescription medications come in uncontrollable dosages. Regardless, cannabis comes in several dosages and formulations available to patients. These dosages reduce any withdrawal effects. Medical marijuana patients experiencing side effects such as paranoia or increased fatigue can easily use cannabis. Medical cannabis offers the perfect dosage and patients can easily reduce their dosage level to fit their condition.

Relieves multiple symptoms in one go

If you have several medical conditions, you can take multiple prescription medications to relieve all these symptoms. Managing multiple medications can stress your bank account. It also causes stress to patients as they run from one pharmacy to another. Medical marijuana is a single plant that treats many ailments. Visiting a dispensary will give you an all-in-one solution for all your health problems.

Offers several methods for intake

Prescription drugs are only available in a few forms which might not suit the patient. However, while cannabis is an effective treatment for many ailments, it also has several methods of consumption. If a patient prefers not to smoke, then they can consume in the form of edibles capsules, oils tinctures.

Bottom line

Marijuana vs prescription drug is a high debate by many. As of now, we know that marijuana is a great replacement for prescription drugs. Marijuana is less harmful to health and offers multiple benefits in one go.