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No Drug Test Jobs

After several years of stigma, cannabis is now making waves. While this seems to be prosperous for investors, job employees are facing difficulties. The frequent pre-employment drug tests by companies don’t make it easy for cannabis enthusiasts.

Finding a job can be a difficult task for medical or recreational marijuana users. The pre-employment drug test automatically disqualifies cannabis users. This isn’t good as cannabis is legal in most states. Therefore, cannabis users often seek no drug test jobs. Many companies offer no drug test jobs. This article contains some jobs that don’t drug test help medical and recreational users find jobs easily.

Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Many industries and jobs don’t routinely drug test for several reasons. Companies believe that cannabis legalization will lead to more cannabis job applicants. Some companies don’t want to turn away potential employees because of cannabis. Here are some jobs cannabis users that won’t drug test you for cannabis.

  1. Restaurant Cook: Chefs working in restaurants don’t need to pass a pre-employment marijuana drug test. Usually, the quick nature of the food industry makes it impossible to conduct routine drug tests. Drug tests require money and time which is something restaurant owners don’t like. Cannabis consumers who have great cooking skills can try out restaurant chef positions.
  • Restaurant Server/Manager: Chefs are not the only restaurant workers that don’t undergo drug tests. Servers don’t need a pre-employment drug test. This is a similar case to restaurant managers. Most restaurants have low-profit margins, which makes routine drug tests difficult. 

  • Accountant: Drug testing policies can differ depending on the accounting firms. However, as an accountant, you can outsource to your clients and customers. Those accountants who work for themselves won’t need a drug test to make a comfortable income.


  • Personal Trainer – Personal trainers and fitness instructors require no cannabis drug tests. Gyms or fitness centers emphasize cannabis tests, but they do for other drugs. Also, personal trainers don’t need to seek employment as they can work for themselves.

  • Beauty industry: Many salon and spa jobs within the beauty industry highly welcome cannabis candidates. Salon owners consider cannabis users inspirational which is something necessary in the beauty industry. Also, drug testing is often too costly for beauty shops. Furthermore, beauty professionals can work as freelancers.

  • Retail Sales Associate: Cashiers and other retail sales workers don’t need to pass a pre-employment drug test. These also include retail sales workers in grocery stores, department stores, convenience stores, and more. However, since these jobs are easy to enter, the pay is often low.


  • Software Developer or Engineer: Many tech companies won’t drug test potential software developers or programmers. Tech companies believe that cannabis use is irrelevant to their work. Also, drug tests may prevent them from finding talented programmers.

  • Freelancer: Most of the above jobs are advantageous for freelancing, which naturally involves no drug tests. Common freelancing jobs include software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, consultants, and more. Freelancing is the surest way to avoid any employment-related drug tests.

Bottom line

Drug tests can make life difficult for potential employees using cannabis. The best way to prevent any drug test is by working as a freelancer. You can also try the no drug test jobs above.