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Cannabis is Medicine

For centuries healers from different nations recognize the cannabis plant as a medicine. Cannabis can treat different ailments like pain.

Ancient records

The earliest records of cannabis use as a medicine date back to China around 2700 B.C. During that period Chinese physicians were recommending cannabis tea as a malaria treatment. Around 200 A.D. a Chinese physician, Hua Tao was at the forefront of a cannabis book about anesthetic. Hua Tong was among the first physicians to acknowledge that cannabis is medicine.

Around 300 A.D in India, cannabis was in the Ayurvedic medical text. The text was specific about cannabis to treat pain, insomnia, and headaches. This text shows cannabis as an anesthetic for surgical procedures.

The Greeks have great scientific knowledge about cannabis because history shows their use of cannabis as medicine. Ancient Greek writers tell us about the prescribing of cannabis to treat tapeworms, reduce inflammation and ear pain.

The western world was slow in the concept of medical cannabis until the 1800ds. During this period, an Irish doctor, William O’Shaughnessy, shows his use of cannabis to treat nausea, and diarrhea. Many western doctors followed his path to use cannabis clinically. Their findings were essential is cannabis being a medicine. 

The 20th century

During the 20th century, there was the formation of the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration is out to limit the use of cannabis for research purposes. Its formation was the reason why cannabis became illegal in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

During the 1930s the launching of an anti-cannabis campaign shows us how cannabis began disappearing. The media says cannabis use was due to Mexican immigrants (hence the new term marijuana). It also says that cannabis leads to crimes. 

Interestingly, the high power of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA was not enough. Cannabis was still in support by the American Medical Association. This organization was out to promote the safe medical use of cannabis into the 1940s. According to the AMA cannabis is medicine.

Despite the negative legal status, medical cannabis research was still ongoing. Researchers and practitioners were acknowledging the findings of the ancient physicians. Western scientists and medical doctors including the Irishman, William O’Shaughnessy already said cannabis is medicine.

During the 1960s, western doctors were demonstrating the antibiotic properties of cannabis. In the United States, researchers were discovering cannabis benefits for glaucoma.

In 1996, Californian Proposition 215 shows us that cannabis medicine is real. Other US states such as the District of Columbia and Guam also saw the medicinal value of cannabis.

Modern days

As more states legalize medical cannabis, more patients can now fully enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Cannabis as medicine offers little or no side effects. In contrast to pharmaceuticals pills, cannabis is more beneficial for several ailments. Many physicians are now recommending cannabis to their patients. Cannabis can give relief for different medical conditions.

Bottom line

Cannabis is medicine and this clearly shows in its history and present-day use. Medical cannabis can help people with glaucoma, neuropathy, loss of appetite, and more. It can also help with pain, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, nausea and anxiety, and insomnia.