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Cannabis like a Mother

Have you heard the term “cannabis like a mother” but have you met any “cannabis mothers” lately?

The term cannabis like a mother has a lot of meanings. Some people can consider it the cannabis mother plant which is beautiful and outstanding. Others consider it as the plant which gives birth to other cannabis plants of different strains. But we consider as a plant that guides you towards peace of mind.

The cannabis plant can help with a lot of conditions such as anxiety, pain, loss of appetite, stress, and insomnia. It’s not something common in most plants and that’s why we consider cannabis like a mother. Only mother earth will cater use with water sun, food, and similar to mother earth, cannabis will cater use with relief from different ailments.

While cannabis has a stigma, many mothers still choose it over alcohol. Some moms acknowledge their use of cannabis while others are afraid because of judgment from others. Therefore, many moms sneak into dispensaries without anyone knowing.  

The use of Cannabis as a mother

We believe cannabis can lead to better mothers. Cannabis is a better alternative to wine because it provides similar effects. Moms can use cannabis before bed as a way to unwind after a long day of looking after the kids.

Cannabis can also help you get through the day and you don’t need to worry about having a hangover the next morning. Most who use wine to relax don’t face the stigma of moms who use cannabis. As we all know cannabis is like a mother because it guides on towards peace and calm. People who use cannabis often feel like they have a mom because of the way cannabis interacts with their system. Individuals shouldn’t face abuse when consuming cannabis since it offers a lot of benefits.

The stigma surrounding cannabis makes most people choose alcohol over it. Nonetheless, the boost in legalization makes it easier to consume cannabis without any fear. Moms can use cannabis to take better care of their kids. But keep in mind that you should consume cannabis responsibly because excess use can lead to side effects.

Understanding cannabis like a mother 

We can’t easily estimate the number of people using cannabis. Also, it’s difficult to know the number of moms using cannabis because most are afraid of acknowledging it. Many moms still face stigma from other moms because of cannabis. This makes many moms either hide before smoking or completely quit smoking cannabis.  

During a 2017 survey on modern marijuana users, some respondents were parents. Some of these parents were daily cannabis consumers and most of them chose vaporization over smoking. Another survey from Yahoo News and Marist College shows how over half of marijuana users are parents. Most of these parents have children under 18 at home. According to most of these parents, cannabis is like a mother. So, it appears parents also have a huge share of the cannabis population.  

Bottom line

We support every person who uses cannabis like a mother. If you are feeling sad, then go ahead and light up your joint because cannabis makes you happy. Also, you can’t overdose on cannabis which makes it easy to consume responsibly.