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How Marijuana Helps the Economy

The cannabis industry is emerging despite controversies about its usage in several places. Research shows how marijuana helps the economy...

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How Marijuana Affects the Teenage Brain

Marijuana is a popular drug in the United States. While most people enjoy it, experts are investigating how marijuana affects...

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is marijuana a perennial
Are Weed Plants Perennials?

Most people know that cannabis plants go through their life cycle within a year. They start growing in spring, mature...

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Are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia?

The legalization of medical marijuana in Virginia is good news but are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia? People in Virginia...

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Why Drug Test Is Important

According to the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, over 74% of illegal drug users have jobs. These drug users contribute to...

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Which Drug Test Is Most Accurate?

Employers thrive for a safe and healthy work environment. They do this by testing workers for drug use. But which...

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Where does Walmart Drug Test?

Walmart follows certain drug and alcohol use policies to ensure a drug-free workplace. Most prospective or current employees ask where...

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When a drug test is inconclusive
When a drug test is inconclusive?

Employers may require pre-employment drug testing and deny a prospective employee who fails a drug test. Drug screens usually occur...

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what drug test does home depot use
What Drug Test Does Home Depot Use?

Most retail store chains in the U.S. ensure to test their employees before hiring them. This avoids any form of...

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