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What Drug Test Does Home Depot Use?

what drug test does home depot use

Most retail store chains in the U.S. ensure to test their employees before hiring them. This avoids any form of mishaps for customers and staff during work. So, if you’re applying for a position at Home Depot, you may ask what drug test does Home Depot use? This article will educate you on what substances Home Depot tests for, and their frequency. 

Does Home Depot Drug test?

Home Depot drug tests both aspiring and current employees. If you test positive for drug use, you will lose your position. This leading retail chain operates a strict drug-free workplace. Therefore, employees must not consume drugs and alcohol on site.

Home Depot commits itself to providing a drug-free workplace. To ensure this, possessing alcohol or drugs on-premises is illegal and against company policy. Home Depot employees must agree to this policy before starting work. If an employee at Home Depot violates this policy, they will lose their job.

What kind of drug test does home depot do?

Employees acknowledge that Home Depot uses a saliva test to test for drugs. This process involves taking a swab around the mouth. Afterward, the test goes to a third-party testing facility that sends the results to Home Depot.

Home Depot also uses urine tests for conducting random drug tests. This is common after an accident in the workplace. For example, Home Depot tests for incidents that lead to the destruction of goods

What substances does Home Depot drug test for?

Home Depot drug tests for different illegal substances that impair workers’ ability. The common drugs Home Depot tests for include PCP, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, narcotics, and more.

Home Depot conducts drug tests during the interview process, following incidents at work and for suspected drug use. When you apply at Home Depot, you must undertake a drug test to ensure clarity. Usually, Home Depot tests employees only once you start working. Nonetheless, Home Depot can still drug tests for suspicion of using drugs at work. 

Does Home Depot Drug Tests randomly?

Home Depot won’t conduct random drug tests on employees. However, in case of an incident at work, it will conduct a drug test.

For drug tests due to suspicion, Home Depot uses a urine test to check for drugs. Workers will remain in suspension until test results come out. If you test positive for drugs, you will instantly lose the job. However, if you are clean you can return to work and ensure to avoid any accidents


Most people google what drug test does Home Depot use. The answer to this question is urine and saliva tests. However, Home Depot can still decide to use other tests for accuracy. Potential and current employees in most retail chains undergo these tests.

The saliva test involves sending a tool in your mouth which collects saliva.  While saliva test is good, they are not as accurate as urine tests. So, ensure to keep this in mind when applying for a position at Home Depot.