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Can You Test Positive From Edibles? Yes, There’s Weed In Your System

can you test positive from edibles

Weed, also known as cannabis or marijuana can be consumed in a variety of ways including vaping, consuming edibles and smoking. Can you test positive from edibles?

Eating THC edibles rather than smoking THC just provides a different way for the THC to enter your system and can affect the length and intensity of the effects but either way the drug stays in your system and will show up on a test for weed.

Marijuana edibles are gaining in popularity for both recreational and medical marijuana users. When you eat an edible it can be easier to control the amount of THC, although ingesting weed in this way takes longer to feel the effect and so users may inadvertently take more than they intended.

Marijuana is legal for both recreational and medicinal use in the state of California. If you use marijuana medicinally you can apply for a medical cannabis card today online and gain access to medical dispensaries and delivery services.

THC Edibles

Cannabis has been consumed in food for thousands of years and was used as a medicine in both India and China in ancient times, with tinctures and infused foods being used to treat many of the same conditions cannabis is used for today.

THC edibles offer a great alternative to vaped or smoked cannabis and many people prefer the ease of cannabis edibles. There are many types of edibles available from cannabis-infused drinks to brownies, cookies, mints and gummies that can deliver a dose of THC or CBD and the associated effects without the need to smoke weed.

Edibles are readily available with a variety of does from 1mg to up to 100mg. The effects you will feel vary depending on the dose as well as your sensitivity or tolerance to the drug. Experienced users will often need to consume higher levels of THC to achieve the desired effects and your preferred edibles depend as much on the THC level as your preferred choice of snack.

While you can make your own edible cannabis products just consuming raw cannabis flowers will not have the desired effect as cannabis has to go through a process of decarboxylation, exposure to heat, in order to activate the ingredients. This process changes tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) into cannabidiol (CBD).

It is also worth noting that drug tests are usually looking for either THC or more commonly its metabolites, the compounds your body turns THC into before excreting it. Many people use edibles that contain only CBD which offers many therapeutic benefits without the high provided by THC. If you only take products containing CBD then you will not test positive on a drugs test.

Smoking Marijuana Vs. Marijuana Edibles

Smoking THC will deliver the drug to your bloodstream quickly and you will feel the effects of the drug within a few minutes. Consuming a marijuana edible means the THC has to go through your digestive system before it enters the bloodstream and the effects of oral edibles tend to take longer to appear and last longer when they do.

Edibles also tend to remain in your system for longer giving a higher chance of positive drug tests. It is thought that weed stays in your system for longer when you consume edibles due to more THC being stored in fat cells causing THC and its metabolites to take longer to leave your system. Consequently not only can you test positive from edibles but you may test positive for a longer period of time.

Drug Tests

Do edibles show up in drug tests? Regardless of your preference for edibles or smoking cannabis plants both methods of consumption will cause you to test positive for weed on a variety of drug tests. Common drug tests for weed include urine testing, saliva testing, blood testing and hair follicle tests. The detection window can vary from a couple of days to over a month depending on the testing method.

Although cannabis and its derivatives are legal in many states drug screening is still common. You may have to have a drug test for weed as part of a pre-employment check and some employers may require urine drug tests on a more regular basis.

If you are told you are going to have a drugs test for weed you will need to begin a THC detox and stop consuming cannabis to allow your body to remove the drug and its metabolites from your system.

Depending on the test for weed being used, and how regular and heavy a user you are, it will take varying amounts of time for the drug to leave your system and no-longer show up on a test. Other factors such as the amount of body fat you have and your general metabolism can also have an effect.

For example, a urine test may show positive for different periods of time, anywhere between 3 and 30 days. First time or infrequent users are likely to pass drug screening after 3 days, a more regular user may be clear after seven days and a chronic heavy user may not pass a test for up to a month. This means that some people will resort to synthetic urine to pass a test as they do not have time for their body to naturally detox.

A hair test is a less common test for weed that looks at the air follicle to check for recent drug use. Hair tests are highly sensitive and can detect use for up to 90 days. They are also more likely to show a false positive as oils can be transferred to the hair through close contact with another user as well as consuming the drug yourself.

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