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Are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia?

The legalization of medical marijuana in Virginia is good news but are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia? People in Virginia can legally buy medical marijuana edibles at cannabis dispensaries. You can find edible products and more with accurate dosing.

This article focuses on the types of edibles available in Virginia, and how to legally purchase and use them.

Can you legally purchase marijuana edibles in Virginia?

Before purchasing marijuana edibles in Virginia, you will need a medical marijuana card. While residents can legally possess specific amounts of marijuana, its only available to adults. But are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia for recreational use? As of July 1, 2021, legal Virginia cannabis dispensaries cannot sell recreational marijuana until 2024. This means that you can only purchase medical marijuana edibles.

The good news is that it’s not difficult to purchase medical marijuana edibles in Virginia. However, you must be suffering from a condition that meets the standard of the state. Since each state has its qualifications, you will need to read the laws of your state. The doctor must confirm that your condition would improve with the use of medical cannabis.

With a medical marijuana card, you can buy marijuana edibles at Virginia dispensaries. Medical card owners can also buy vapes, tinctures, topicals, extracts, flowers, and more. Furthermore, Virginia medical cardholders can order online to get their favorite products right at their doorsteps. Keep in mind that there are only three dispensaries offering cannabis delivery in Virginia.

What kinds of edibles can you buy in Virginia?

The medical marijuana product catalog sees new additions regularly and inventory can vary by supply and demand. Breeders are also preparing for the rollout of marijuana flowers. Furthermore, we may see additions of edibles soon appear on dispensary shelves.

The edibles at Virginia dispensaries are in the form of medicated gummies. Most of the chews currently available in Virginia contain between 8 and 10mg of THC, and around 5mg of CBD each.

How to get started using cannabis edibles

The best way to enjoy consuming marijuana edibles in Virginia is to understand how edibles work. You must start slowly and work your way up till you find the appropriate dosage. You must allow sufficient time for the first dosing to take effect. If you don’t feel any effects 2 hours after consumption, then you can increase your dosage. It’s not advisable to simply pop a whole 10mg gummy into your mouth on your first run.

Marijuana laws in Virginia

Most people ask why are marijuana edibles legal in Virginia but illegal federally. While marijuana is still illegal under federal law, many states can decide to legalize it. There are also certain rules to follow for states with medical or recreational marijuana. For example, only adults who are 21 years of age or older can use recreational marijuana.

Bottom line

Marijuana edibles are legal in Virginia for medical use. However certain laws apply. In Virginia, individuals can legally possess up to 1 oz or 4 mature plants per household. Virginia also allows the use of CBD oil containing very low amounts of THC. Medical marijuana users must not possess more than 1 oz of marijuana unless they have a valid prescription.