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Why should marijuanas be legalized | Facts and Reality

In recent years, the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuanas has gained significant traction. Advocates argue that the potential benefits, ranging from medical use to economic opportunities, outweigh the concerns. This article delves into the reasons why marijuanas should be legalized and examines the potential impact on society.

Facts and Reality of Marijuanas

Why should medical marijuanas be legalized? In this post, we are going to discuss these facts and reality!

For more than a decade now, there’s been a nonstop controversy surrounding the use of Marijuana both for medicinal use and recreational use. Even though it is glaring that marijuana and its medical beneficial derivatives, like CBD oil, has the potential to combat many chronic diseases that we now face today. Marijuana’s infamy as a psychoactive plant is something that we cannot just ignore. In fact, some people believe that marijuanas legalized for medical and recreational use will promote the abuse of the substance. However, others believe that a lot of good can come out of legalizing Marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. So, why should marijuanas be legalized in our society?

While we almost cannot deny the plethora of amazing health benefits that marijuana offers, for patients suffering from a variety of chronic diseases. We also cannot deny the fact that Marijuana has a high tendency for abuse. Legalizing marijuanas will be solved this problem.

Perhaps there is a simple and effective solution for our quandary: An option that will allow us to enjoy the potential benefits of Marijuana, with regards to health, and at the same time reduce the tendency of abusing the substance. Medical marijuana may very well be our saving grace if we are to tap into Marijuana’s potential in treating some of the chronic diseases that we are facing today. Thats why marijuanas should be legal. These are common marijuanas facts.


why marijuana should be legalized

While the name is a complete giveaway, Medical Marijuana is Marijuana used for medical purposes alone. Unlike regular Marijuana used for recreational purposes, Medical Marijuana has limited amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Marijuana owes its infamy as a psychoactive plant to this compound. THC is what gets you high or make you feel ecstatic when you use Marijuana for recreational purposes. But still you must be asking yourself why should marijuanas be legalized?

Aside from THC (which is responsible for the psychoactive properties of the marijuana plant), the plant itself contains a medically beneficial compound known as Cannabidiol or CBD. Marijuana’s potential in alleviating chronic diseases comes from this amazing compound. Hence, its prominence in the medicine and skincare industry.

To tell you the truth, Marijuana contains generous amounts of both compounds. For this reason, the distribution of CBD and THC compounds in marijuana is what determines its potency as a medical substance or recreational substance.

Differences between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana

In regular recreational Marijuana, the percentage of THC is considerably higher than the percentage of CBD. That’s why you’ll feel high when you use regular Marijuana to treat your medical condition instead of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana, on the other hand, is known to possess low amounts of THC in the strain. In light of this reality, you can consume Medical Marijuana for your medical condition without feeling ecstatic or high. Compared to regular Marijuana, Medical Marijuana has increased amounts of CBD or cannabidiol. Which makes it potent for treating medical health conditions like pain and anxiety.

CBD and THC Amounts Present in the Strain

why should marijuana be legalized

Aside from the fact that Medical Marijuana has low THC content, the CBD present in medical marijuana is also known to regulate THC interactions In the brain. As a result, consuming medical marijuana to alleviate your condition, won’t expose you to the psychoactive effects of the marijuana plant.  Now you know why is marijuanas legalized.

So if you are still asking why should marijuanas be legalized in your state and everywhere else, it’s because it does not pose the same risk as regular marijuana. Both can be edibles but you find CBD most common as an oil or tincture.

Legality Between Recreational and Medical MJ

It turns out that the legal controversy surrounding the use of marijuana for medical purposes comes from the fact that it poses a threat to a patient’s state of mind. All the more reason why should marijuanas be legalized in our modern-day society since it poses almost zero psychoactive tendencies. Moreover, the dosage and prescriptions for medical marijuana will be supervised by Medical Marijuana doctors.

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