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What is a 420 Doctor and What You Can Expect

What is a 420 Doctor

Are you looking for ways to enjoy the potential health benefits of medical marijuana?

If you are, then you’ll need a recommendation from a qualified and certified Cannabis Medical 420 Doctors. Now you may be wondering what is a 420 Doctor? Well, Without a cannabis medical 420 doctor recommending you for medical cannabis administration, you’ll not be allowed to use or grow medical marijuana in your state.

Medical Cannabis doctors or 420 doctors are not so different from your everyday doctors. In fact, some of them are general practitioners in your state, and in some cases, they are specialists in their fields. The only thing that separates the Medical cannabis doctor from your everyday doctor is that they are ready and qualified to prescribe medical marijuana for their patients, such as with Medical Card Now.


The same way general practitioners prescribe drugs, 420 doctors who suggest cannabis must investigate their established practices and be conscious of any side effects that may be triggered by medical Marijuana. A doctor who recommends a controlled substance would almost certainly be aware of the potential health benefits that the patient stand to benefit and the legal implications for recommending the substance.

420 Doctors can recommend marijuana therapy because they have used several sources to prepare themselves. On the other hand, professional medical organizations put norms for members to abide by, just like any other medical therapy. In light of this fact, a range of recommendations has been released for medical doctors, by the Western Journal of Medicine and guidelines from NCBI. These recommendations have shed light on how a 420 doctor is supposed to examine patients before recommending medical marijuana for them. As a result, anyone looking to enjoy the potential medical benefits of Marijuanas or cannabis plant, would, first of all, answer a few medical questions.

420 medical doctor


As of now, the legal controversy over the use of marijuana and its derivative is still ongoing – both at the federal level and at the state level. So if you want to use medical cannabis for your medical condition, you’ll need a board-certified medical marijuana doctor.

A Medical Marijuana Doctor will review your medical history and recommend you for the right dosage of Medical Marijuana. Depending on the medical Cannabis 420 doctors that you choose for your recommendations, you can have your recommendation within minutes with Med Card Now or days at other providers. At Med Card Now, you can expect to get your digital recommendation within minutes of filling out our online application form.

How to get a 420 medical marijuana recommendation in your state

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If you think you’ll have better chances of alleviating your medical condition with medical marijuana, you can contact a 420 doctor to review your medical history and recommend you for medical marijuana treatment. The easiest way to achieve this is to reach out to an online Medical marijuana doctor like the well-trained marijuana 420 doctors at Med Card Now. This goes without saying that you’ll need to be in a state where medical marijuana is legal.

Currently, is only licensed in the state of California but working on other states, stay tuned!

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The MMJ recommendation process

On the off chance that you are getting your recommendation for medical marijuana from Med Card Now, you’ll need to sign up with your email and password. Next, you’ll need to fill the online application form that’ll pop up on your screen. Afterward, you’ll be redirected to a qualified 420 doctor that will review your application and your medical history. So, you would know whether your medical condition requires Medical Marijuana treatment or not.

Once you are approved, you’ll receive your digital recommendation letter for medical Marijuana. A personalized patient number will be included in your recommendation letter; putting you under the protection of your state’s  marijuana laws.