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Benefits of obtaining a Medical Marijuanas Card

benefits of medical marijuanas card

If you’re in the United States, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the benefits of medical marijuana. It’s been shown to help treat a wide range of conditions, from pain relief to reducing anxiety and nausea. But what about if you don’t live in the US? In that case, you might still be wondering whether or not getting a medical marijuana card is worth it. Here are some of the main benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Benefits of medical marijuanas card

According to the rules of Prop 64, users of age 21 or more can only purchase and carry up to 1 ounce and grow 6 plants or less. But Medical Cannabis Cardholders can carry and purchase 8 ounces and 12 plants at age of 18 or more. They can also get a California grower’s license for limit exemption and grow up to 99 plants. If any user’s age is under 18 years, then must be accompanied by a parent to get a Medical Marijuana Card.

The users who smoke or vape occasionally can also get the benefit of a Medical Cannabis Card and save 20% to 40% in extra tax fees per purchase.

Target Pain Management

By having Medical Marijuana Card users get a better experience with cannabis rather than the cannabis of recreational shops. The cannabis sold in medical dispensaries is grown from several high-grade strains with various THC: CBD ratios to increase potency, target pain management, and create a better experience for users.

In California Medical Marijuana Cardholder doesn’t have to pay marijuana sales taxes, that’s why the users have to spend a very low cost for getting cannabis. Our data management tells us that the cost for this card is capped at $100 or $50 if you are receiving medical benefits, and with many counties now charging up to $175, that could also lead to savings.

So there are a lot of advantages to being a certified medical marijuana patient and having a medical marijuana card.