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Which Marijuana Seeds Are Good

So, you plan on growing marijuana seeds. One of the best decisions you’ll want to make is to decide which marijuana seeds are good. A good seed houses the essential components for a healthy, potent plant. While easy to choose the seeds to grow your cannabis plants, others find it complicated. In this article, we will focus on the basic facts showcasing which marijuana seeds are good.

How to know which marijuana seeds are good

When you purchase cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank, quality is your assurance.  There’s a high chance you will get poor seeds from your local dealer. However, if you can detect quality marijuana seeds, it saves a lot of stress. 

One way to determine a good cannabis seed is by looking at its appearance. Keep in mind that seeds from similar plants have different characteristics. Quality seeds will visually have a striking appearance. Here are some common characteristics of good marijuana seeds


The appearance of seeds is a great way to determine quality. Typically, the outer shells of high-quality cannabis seeds have dark colors. Seeds with bright colors such as white, pale green, and yellow are usually of poor quality.

High-quality cannabis seeds have strong shells and lack cracks exposing the inside of the seed. You’ll also see a healthy waxy coating after close examination under bright light. While appearance can determine a good seed, it’s usually not a reliable indicator of good seeds.

Shape and size

Healthy marijuana seeds vary in size but have the same shape. To know which marijuana seeds are good, check if they are round or symmetrically in shape. Poor quality seeds don’t have the shapes. Different cultivars can have their seed sizes. Larger seeds are easy to grow because they store more energy. This leads to potentially healthy plants.

Also, consider the weight of the seeds when evaluating quality. If your smaller seeds weigh more than a larger seed, then the smaller seed is of good quality. Bigger seeds are lighter due to moisture and nutrient loss.


Darker high-quality cannabis seeds give you a hard press. To understand the firmness of a seed’s shell, gently squeeze it with your thumb and index finger. If the seed remains intact, then it’s of high quality. Doing this method saves time and effort in identifying good seeds.

Float test

Another easy way to know which marijuana seeds are good is through a float test. Place water in a glass and drop in the seeds you intend to germinate. Check after an hour and the seeds that seeds are good for germination. The seeds that float probably won’t sprout. A floating test is an easy way to detect viable seeds.

Bottom line

Knowing which marijuana seeds are good is essential for healthy plants. Also, don’t go ahead and buy expensive seeds thinking that they are good. Expensive doesn’t always mean better and usually cheap seeds can have quality. Also, choose trustworthy seedbanks with great reviews.