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Who Marijuana Vote

The federal legalization of marijuana will soon become a reality in the United States. The WHO marijuana vote gave a green light for many countries to legalize marijuana. Therefore, it’s no surprise why the US is taking steps to legalize the plant. On April 29th, the House of Representatives passed a bill meant to decriminalize the use of marijuana on a federal level. However, this bill needs to get approval from the senate.

The legalization of marijuana is something very delicate: While the WHO marijuana vote was successful, other nations are still the legalize the plant. In most US states you can consume legal cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. However, it’s still illegal federally.

Most Americans are in favour of cannabis legalization. A recent poll from Pew Research shows that 91% of U.S. adults want cannabis legal at the federal level. While the Senate bill on cannabis legalization is essential, it needs to pass hurdles in the Senate.

Can the US legalize Marijuana at Federal Level?

Before the WHO marijuana vote, 37 US states allowed the use of medicinal cannabis. On the other hand, 18 states had both medical and recreational use. But since cannabis is illegal federally, it’s difficult for businesses to operate. Most cannabis companies can’t access banking services as well as obtain loans.

The House of Representatives recently passed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act. The bill will remove cannabis from the list of schedule 1 drugs. It will also eliminate any criminal penalties for possessing or distributing marijuana.

If the Senate approves this bill, individuals with past convictions for cannabis offenses can start afresh. The MORE Act would clear all past criminal records for marijuana offenses and resentence individuals serving jail time. It would also provide public benefits to cannabis felons.

Furthermore, the proposed bill will also generate funds to help support suffering communities. The MORE Act would impose a federal tax on the sale of cannabis. The tax from cannabis sales will fund programs for substance misuse treatment. It will also help to free the communities thorned by the war on drugs.

If the MORE Act becomes successful, it could mean serious money for the federal government. But despite cannabis being federally illegal, California is making huge revenue from marijuana sales. Legal cannabis sales in cannabis may reach $40.5 billion by 2025.

Proponents of cannabis believe that banning the drug instead promotes more crime. The WHO marijuana vote already showcases why cannabis should be legal. Therefore, it’s up to the federal government to decide.

Will the Senate follow the WHO marijuana vote?

The MORE Act will certainly face challenges in the Senate. Although all Senate Democrats were in support of the bill, it still needs more GOP votes. The bill only had three Republican votes in the House, which is not a good sign.

According to analysts, the bill won’t pass into law. However, while the MORE Act may fail, it paves the way for more successful bills. Cannabis faces a lot of scrutiny, and this goes way back into history. The drug became illegal under the federal government in 1937 and it’s still illegal today.

Federal decriminalization of marijuana will be like the WHO marijuana vote. It would remove the stigma on cannabis allowing more users to engage in the drug.