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Diagnose Yellow Marijuana Leaves

When marijuana leaves turn yellow, there’s a high chance you’ll panic. However, stay calm because we have a solution for you. When your leaves become yellow, you must initially diagnose the problem correctly. Several factors can make cannabis leaves turn yellow. However, you can’t solve the underlying problem without knowing the cause. Here is an in-depth look at the main reasons why your marijuana leaves are turning yellow. We’ll also provide potential solutions to help you fix it.

How to accurately diagnose yellow marijuana leaves

According to science when marijuana leaves turn yellow it’s mostly due to chlorosis. This occurs when plant leaves become void of chlorophyll (the compound that keeps them green).

Chlorosis may also result from certain issues including environmental problems, and sunlight deficiency. It may also result from senescence – the process of change because of biological aging.

Many factors can cause the yellowing of your marijuana leaves. In most cases, chlorosis is not a cause for panic. Usually, it’s a minor issue that is preventing photosynthesis. Taking quick action can generally help your plants remain healthy. 

Let’s look at the different diagnostic tools that help determine why your cannabis leaves are turning yellow.

Light Deficiency

Lighting can be a major issue for most marijuana plants. First, you must set up the correct growing light, and establish an optimal distance from your plants. Lights play an essential role in photosynthesis. Young plants require the right amount of light for them to grow healthy. Young cannabis plants which don’t grow under sufficient light will likely turn yellow. Also, when these plants become mature under insufficient light, they may become dark.

Watering Issues

When marijuana leaves turn yellow, it may be because of over and under-watering. Watering your plants is quite tricky and you must ensure to find the right balance. You need to water your crop consistently at the right time of the day. 

Excess water decreases the oxygen content of the soil, which causes the plant to die. When you over-water plants, the leaves become swollen, droopy, and yellow.

Under-watering is rare amongst most growers but it’s common when you neglect your plants.  When you fail to give your plants sufficient water, they appear weak, thin, brittle, and yellow.

Nutrient Deficiencies

When marijuana leaves turn yellow it may be because of nutrient deficiencies. Most novice growers are unaware of the essential nutrients necessary for healthy plants. Nutrient deficiencies are a major cause of yellow leaves. Thus, you must plant in soils that have all the essential nutrients. 

Bottom line

When marijuana leaves turn yellow, it’s not the end of your plants. Yellow leaves don’t mean you should give up on your plants. Understand that yellow leaves are a sign of a deficiency that you must fix. When you find the underlying cause of yellow leaves, you can grow healthy plants. When you find yellow leaves, you must remove the affected leaves before addressing the underlying issues.