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Is a medical card a public service card?

California residents are receiving invitations to register for a public Service Card or a medical card. However, if you receive this kind of letter, don’t ignore it. You could face challenges getting social welfare or getting medical marijuana. However, what is a service card? Is a medical card a public service card?

What is a public service card?

The Public Services Card is a new card meant to claim social welfare payments. The primary purpose of this card is to combat fraud. The card will initially go to people getting certain social welfare payments and firsts time social welfare payments recipients. 

To get a service card, you must register in person. This is not the case for a medical card where you can do an online evaluation. You must usually register for a public card in person by booking an appointment. This process requires your photograph and signature during the appointment. You must also carry proof of ID such as a passport.

This service card also requires you to bring proof of your location such as an electricity bill. After application, you will usually get your Public Services Card in the post within a week.

Medical card vs public service card

A public service card gives you access to multiple services easily. On the other hand, a medical card gives you access to numerous medical marijuana strains. The appearance of a service card and a medical card are similar. On the front of the public service card, you will find your name, photograph, and signature, along with the card expiry date. Due to this similar appearance, is a medical card like medical card ? The answer is no. A medical card is for medical marijuana patients and a service card is for public workers.

Simply put, a medical card also known as “MMID” allows patients, to possess, cultivate, and consume cannabis for medicinal use. The state of California issues these cards to its residents, and they must pay a fee to obtain this card.

The patient and doctor must agree that cannabis would work effectively as a treatment option. Furthermore, the patient’s condition must be on the list of qualifying conditions by the state.  Using a doctor’s recommendation will help the patient to apply through the state and pay a fee.

In the California medical marijuana card programs, medical cards are valid for only 12 months. A medical card expires but patients can easily renew it by visiting a physician. The cost of renewing your card cost less than obtaining a new medical marijuana card.

The complications of getting a medical card and what it provides vary on your condition. As more states legalize cannabis, the process of getting a medical card becomes easier. Numerous online websites are doing medical marijuana evaluations.

Medical Marijuana card in California

The medical card program in California came into existence after the passage of SB 420. This bill requires counties to administer a voluntary card registration program identifying medical marijuana patients. The qualifying conditions for a medical card in California include.

  • AIDS
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • chronic pain
  • glaucoma
  • migraine

This is just a handful of conditions in the qualifying list of conditions. Usually, any chronic or persistent medical symptom can qualify you for a medical card.

Bottom line

So, is a medical card a public service card? We should all know that a medical card is different from a public service card. Each card has different functions, and they all work for your good.