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Do Medical Cards Expire

If you already have a medical card, you may wonder if it does expire. After talking to a healthcare professional, and getting approval, what’s the point of doing it again? However, the question of “do medical cards expire”, is significant in the case of California.

In most states, medical marijuana cards expire after one year. Therefore, you must renew by meeting with a doctor again. The state program in California requires medical card renewal annually because cannabis is medicine. Since you renew every year, it means the doctor gets to know how cannabis works for you.

Why do medical cards expire?

Why do I have to speak with a doctor every year to renew my cannabis card?

Simply put, your yearly visit with your physician is a great way to talk to a medical professional. Cannabis is a miraculous medicine, and this is because of how it works uniquely with each person.

Medical marijuana patients suffering from a specific condition must renew their cards. The reason why medical cards expire is that the doctor needs to check on your condition. Since medical cards expire, you’ll have the chance to consult an expert. The doctor gets to find out how cannabis worked for you over the past twelve months. You can also talk to your physician about the best strains and doses. If medical cannabis effectively treats your condition, then you may get a renewal. However, if it doesn’t work for you then your card will remain expired.

It’s important to remember medical patients in California must have a qualifying medical condition. But there are several questions. If you previously qualified for chronic pain but cannabis successfully treats the pain, can you still qualify? The answer is yes. If you suffer from a severe condition and cannabis effectively helps it, a doctor can recertify it again.

There is also the option to possess more cannabis in California. When renewing your medical certificate, you can increase your dosage if it benefits you. 

Get a med marijuana card renewal in California

When your medical card expires, you can no longer buy cannabis. Also, dispensaries won’t accept invalid certificates and cards. If California where adult use is legal, the police won’t stop you from possessing cannabis without a valid medical card. However, when travelling to other states, always keep an in-date medical card.

In California, you must renew your medical card every year. This enables you to retain a doctor’s recommendation in the incoming year. Getting a medical card renewal gets difficult when you need to meet the doctor face-to-face. However, their residents in California can renew their cards without visiting the doctor. This is possible through online evaluation. This form of evaluation allows users to attain legality quicker than visiting a doctor. California medical marijuana card renewal allows you to get recommendation renewal online. This process is like physical evaluation except that you can do it from your house.

Bottom line

Many patients search: do medical cards expire, and how to renew medical card online. Well, it’s true that medical cards expire, and you must renew them yearly. Currently, there is an online option in California where medical marijuana patients can get an online renewal. This method offers convenience and saves a lot of costs. Therefore, medical patients in California should not worry when it comes to medical card renewal.