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Medical Card for CDL Near Me

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a driver’s license that allows you to operate large, heavy, material vehicles for commercial purposes in the United States. Most commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) require a driver with a valid CDL. Most commercial drivers are asking questions such as “how do you get a medical card for CDL near me”

When you drive around California, it is only natural if you want to wind down. Once he’s done driving, he can light up a relaxing joint. Maybe the driver lives in California where weed is medically and recreationally legal. Nonetheless, if you hold a CDL, it is not advisable to apply for a medical marijuana card.

CDL and medical marijuana in California

A CDL is a commercial driver’s license mandatory to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). CMV has several classes depending on weight, and you need a CDL to use them. In some states, a CDL is also necessary to operate certain vehicles. In California, you require a commercial driver’s license to drive a bus.

If you hold a CDL and live in California, you can follow the steps required to apply. If you have a valid medical condition, a physician will give you access to weed. You qualify for a medical card even if you have a CDL. However, you will likely lose your career if you test positive for marijuana.

Why a CDL holder needs a Medical Marijuana Card?

Most people see the job of a truck driver as easy. Some industry experts believe truck driving is a good job for non-degree holders. However, this job is not as simple as getting behind a wheel and driving. It is common for CDL drivers to cover several miles of driving cargo. You get to spend nights in motels and stop only to eat fast food.

It’s essential to incorporate movement into your life at regular intervals. With the heavy deadlines faced by truck drivers, most of them ask where to get medical card for CDL near me. CDL drivers also have a high propensity with obesity. This isn’t surprising considering that drivers often don’t exercise. CDL drivers also have a high chance of having high blood pressure and diabetes. With all these health risks, there’s a need for medical cards for CDL holders.

Taking the Risk with CDL and Medical marijuana

CDL holders in California shouldn’t risk their license and use medical marijuana. While CBL holders can legally apply for, and receive, a medical marijuana card it’s risky. You must fill in your details. Afterward, look for medical card for CDL near me. Book an appointment with a physician legally allowed to provide MMJ certification and explain your condition.

Doctors usually give medical card certification based on observation. After getting a California medical card, you can legally purchase a certain amount of cannabis from a licensed dispensary. All the above process works for CDL and non-CDL holders. However, CDL holders will face issues when they start consuming the weed. The truck driver may likely lose his job after random drug tests.

Bottom line

In California, some employers can’t fire existing employees for testing positive for marijuana. However, once again, federal law comes in all modes for CDL holders with medical cards that are not safe.