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Dispensary Weed vs Street Weed

dispensary weed vs street weed

Recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensaries are becoming popular. It’s easy to walk into a dispensary and buy weed. However, some people still prefer to buy from the black market.

Most people believe that Dispensary weed is bigger, better, and safer than street weed. But if it’s so good, why are smokers still consuming weed from the streets.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of street weed vs dispensary weed to know which one is better than the other. 

Dispensary Weed

Nowadays dispensaries operate on every street corner. They stock dozens of cannabis products, and all their products undergo full testing. The prices of dispensary weed are non-negotiable, and you can pay with your debit card.

Pros of Dispensary Weed

  • Legal: A clear reason to buy dispensary weed is that it’s legal. You won’t go to jail or pay any fines for buying weed from a dispensary. Many people will prefer to be safe when consuming weed.
  • Convenience: Street weed usually takes a lot of time for delivery. Those who sell street weed have no office. But a dispensary has a permanent location where you can go and sit down.

Cons of Dispensary Weed

  • Price: When you buy weed from dispensaries you pay an additional tax. Therefore, the prices of weed in a dispensary are usually high due to these taxes. However, street weed is negotiable and usually cheap.
  • Discretion: Most dispensaries are in open areas which means that people will see you. If you prefer to buy weed hiddenly then street weed is good for you.  Street dealers are anonymous and like meeting buyers at alleys.

Street Weed

When cannabis was illegal in the US, street weed was the only available weed. However, many countries still ban cannabis which makes street weed the go-to solution. In some legal cannabis countries, it’s difficult to get dispensary weed due to shortage. This means that people instead go for street weed due to its availability.

street weed vs dispensary

Pros of Street Weed

  • No Taxes: The street market lacks regulation. The only people benefiting from it are usually the grower and the dealer. There are no taxes and that’s why it’s illegal. Since it lacks taxes, it means you can buy cheaper in bulk.
  • Imported: Street weed usually comes from famous countries like Jamaica. This makes it more potent than dispensary weed. Also, dispensary weed comes from government plantations. Therefore, if you want diversity to go for street weed.

Cons of Street Weed

  • Illegal: You risk facing jail time or paying huge fines if you get caught with street weed. Due to the illegal nature of street weed, your dealer can rob you. Some buyers even get set up by their dealers.
  • Lack of Selection: Some dealers don’t even know the different forms of cannabis. They just sell cannabis flowers. You won’t find concentrates, edibles, and vapes in the street.

The bottom line on Street Weed Vs Dispensary

While Dispensary weed offers safety and convenience it falls in the aspects that street weed is good at.