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Buying Weed Legally

Although it’s now simple for buying weed legally, you still need to follow some procedures. In the last decade, marijuana was completely restricted from dispensaries. However, over the last couple of years, we now see a federally regulated cannabis industry.

While legal medical cannabis is accessible people still choose the black market. Currently, recreational marijuana is popular in Colorado and Washington. People in these states can consume recreational marijuana in different locations.

Due to the wave in cannabis legalization, there’s a high chance that you live in a state where cannabis is legal. Furthermore, the 2018 US Farm Bill made hemp legal in the US.

Now you can buy cannabis products from dispensaries. Simply look for a marijuana dispensary near me to get a list of dispensaries. You can even buy psychoactive versions of marijuana online.

Search online for a “marijuana dispensary near me

Some California dispensaries sell only to residents of the state. However, retail dispensaries are open to the public. Almost all medical dispensaries share their menus online for easy access.

Bring I.D. and cash.

The federal government places some strict regulations on cannabis funds. Banks and other financial institutions don’t accept deposits from cannabis companies. Therefore, you must bring physical cash when buying from a dispensary.

Generally, dispensaries take age limits very seriously. If you are below the legal age, then you won’t be allowed to purchase cannabis. Also, you can’t buy cannabis without showing identification.

How much can I buy?

A gram of “bud” or “flower,” usually costs between $10 and $15. Customers can only buy a maximum of 28.5 grams of weed.

Dispensaries usually sell a maximum of 8 grams of concentrates (including edibles, which contain concentrates).

After you show your I.D., you’ll directly enter the sales floor. From there you will meet a “budtender” show will show all the products. Only Staff members may handle the product before purchase.

Dispensaries also have a menu that explains the various strains and edibles. Common strains at dispensaries include Wedding Cake, AK 47, Afghan Kush, white widow, and more.

Consuming strains from a dispensary will provide a unique high. You will also purchase knowing that the weed is original free from any molds. If you have difficulties choosing the strain of your choice, then a budtender can help you. Budtenders have vast knowledge about the different strains of cannabis available.

Some basic cannabis knowledge helps

Also understanding the type of cannabis will help you in the future. Sativa strains work for cerebral purposes while indica strains offer body-focused effects. There are also hybrid strains that provide a balance of both strains. 

If you’re a beginner to cannabis you will want to avoid products such as wax, shatter, and other cannabis concentrates. These types of products provide a hard hit that can blow you off.

Keep a lid on it

Buying cannabis from a dispensary means you get good-quality weed. The budtender ensures to pack your weed in a sealed container. The best way to store your weed is using glass weed jars. Most dispensaries use glass weed jars because they allow weed to stay for longer. Ensure to store your weed well once you take it home. Also, keep it away from children.