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Global Legalization of Cannabis: Speculated Countries

Legalization of Cannabis in Uruguay and Canada shows us an example of how the end of marijuana prohibition will look. Canada has set an example for the whole world to follow, and other countries may be persuaded to test out this legal area for themselves. Here are some countries hinted to follow suit.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the number one tourist location for cannabis enthusiasts. It’s surprising that marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands but decriminalized for personal consumption. Also, cannabis can be bought and consumed in coffee shops. With all this in mind, the nation will legalize cannabis and lead the way as the first EU nation to do so.


Medical cannabis became an essential part of Italy’s history when it was legalized in 2013. Legalization of Cannabis has so far been successful for the nation, with demand exceeding supply. With several political groups demanding recreational legalization, the nation is now setting its eyes on another proposal. About 68,000 signatures have been collected and given to the government, and only time will tell if Italy legalizes recreational cannabis.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has legalized medical marijuana while decriminalizing recreational marijuana and all other drugs. The Czech Republic also has a huge reputation for accommodating cannabis enthusiasts. Seeing other nations like Canada, legalize cannabis has urged the government to put more effort into recreational legalization.


Spain has one of the highest numbers of cannabis enthusiasts in Europe. It is the fourth country in the world in terms of marijuana consumption and the third-highest cultivator globally. Cannabis is decriminalized in Spain, and citizens are also allowed to consume and cultivate the plant. Considering the worth of the cannabis industry, it’s evident that Spain will want to join the list of recreationally legalized nations in the world.


French President Emmanuel Macron has cleared the mandatory prison sentences for minor marijuana crimes. Macron also plans to relax French laws relating to cannabis consumption as part of his campaign. Thus, there is a high chance that France will take the path towards legalization.

United States

The United States has been one the forefront of cannabis related activities for centuries. Recreational marijuana is legal in several US states but not at the federal level. 10 US states have passed bills legalizing recreational marijuana, while 33 states have approved cannabis for medical purposes. Despite many states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, the federal government’s stance on cannabis hasn’t changed.

The majority of Americans support legalization of Cannabis at the federal level, and polls show that these numbers increase daily. As the November elections draw close, the democratic candidates are using cannabis as part of their campaign, and we only hope that it will be a turning point in the history of cannabis in the US.

Bottom line for Legalization of Cannabis

The stigma surrounding cannabis is the main loophole in legalizing the drug. Since everyone has different opinions about cannabis, it is challenging to agree on the safety of the plant. Also, as the Covid-19 pandemic continuous to hinder the world’s economy, it may be time for the government to use legalization of Cannabis as a means to recover the economy. We are hopeful that this natural plant will lose its stigma so that the whole world can benefit from it.