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Where to Apply Medical Card

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, there’s high interest regarding where to apply medical card. For instance, in California, the number of new registered medical cannabis patients more than doubled.

Spending more time at home with anxiety through the roof led plenty of people to explore their options. People are now using cannabis to manage stress as well as many other health conditions at home. Since medical and recreational cannabis is legal in California, many people are getting their cards. You may be curious about where to apply for med card and what dispensaries carry. While the process for medical marijuana card is easy, there are some bureaucratic steps to follow.

The exact process of where to apply for medical card differs from state to state. However, most states tend to follow the same pattern. If you’re curious about where to apply for a medical card, here’s a basic idea of what to expect.

Initially Talk with your Primary Care Provider

The first thing to know about getting a medical cannabis card is that you meet the qualifications. You must be suffering from one of the specific qualifying conditions in California. Initially look at your state’s list of qualifying conditions (which is found on the state health department’s website). If you suffer from one of those conditions, then chat with your doctor. Your doctor will give you advice on whether to use medical marijuana or not. 

Get in touch with a state-registered doctor to certify your card

To get a medical cannabis card, you need to be certified by a state-registered doctor. So, if your primary care provider can certify medical cannabis patients, then he’s your best option. However, there are few expert doctors in medical cannabis, so you will likely need to seek out a specialist.

Chat with the doctor to figure out a plan that works for you

The aim of seeing a cannabis specialist is to verify whether your health condition qualifies for medical cannabis. Afterwards, your doctor will figure out how you can start using cannabis to manage your condition.

Apply for Medical Card

Each state has its list of qualifying health conditions; therefore, you should check your state laws. Most states consider conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDs, and chronic pain. In some states, you may need to register with the health department. However, each state has its own rules and processes for medical cannabis patients. In some states, patients need to register with the state health department on their own before getting their card. 

Nonetheless, while these requirements will depend on which state you’re in, In California you don’t have to do anything. Once a medical marijuana doctor in California approves your condition, you get a recommendation instantly through email. Afterwards, you can get a hard copy in the mail. Your doctor is always available to answer questions regarding your medical card.

Bottom line

Cannabis can affect people in numerous ways. Even a cannabis specialist doesn’t know how cannabis will work for you. Therefore, it’s important to know where to apply for medical card to have effective treatment.