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Update medical card for CDL online

Such question “Can I update medical card for CDL online?” can appear in your mind when you use medical marijuana. Fortunately, you can update your medical card for CDL online in California.

Truck driving is a volatile career that requires the driver to be alert, therefore you need a medical card.  Commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) allow drivers to operate huge vehicles. But did you know that you can update your medical card for CDL online?

Necessary to have a Medical Card

In this article, we will focus on why it’s necessary to have a medical card and CDL in California. But first, what is a CDL? A CDL, or commercial driver’s license, allows drivers to run vehicles that exceed specific weight, and capacities. The US government notes that CDL holders can operate vehicles weighing more than 26,001 pounds. CDL holders can also transport hazardous chemicals which is why they can’t consume marijuana. Therefore, before getting on the road, CDL holders may require a medical examiner’s certificate. You can send your current medical card to the enforcement and compliance service by mail.

Drivers who function at a certain level need to submit a current medical examiner’s certificate. This allows them to obtain a “certified” medical status as part of their driving record. CDL holders must provide an updated medical status. Those who fail to provide and keep up to date on their medical examiner’s certificate will face consequences. In most cases, you may lose your CDL.

The driver is responsible for keeping their medical certification up to date. If you test positive for cannabis you may lose your CDL. Drivers who disclose their cannabis consumption will be downgraded to a non-CDL license. They may also lose their commercial motor vehicle operating privileges. To regain the CDL a driver will have to pass a drug test for cannabis and other illegal substances. He may also need to take the skills tests all over again.

Medical marijuana and CDL online

So, the real question is can you have a medical marijuana card and a CDL? From current information, departments of transportation won’t go through medical records. This means that they can’t check your cannabis history. However, the problem comes when you fail a drug test. However, if you can pass a drug screen before returning to work, your CDL will remain active.

The department of transport will never know that you have a medical marijuana card unless you disclose it. However, it becomes illegal if you fail a drug test for marijuana. California medical marijuana program and the department of transportation don’t share data. Ensure that when you take your DOT physical, do not disclose that you own this card.

Bottom line

When you update medical card for CDL online, remember drug and alcohol use is illegal for CDL holders. This means that you cannot be under the influence of cannabis while on duty. Eventually, cannabis drug tests will be like alcohol. This means it will detect if you are currently under the influence while on the job.