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Safe Travel with Legal Cannabis

The cannabis industry is booming due to the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in many states. However, many individuals are don’t know whether it’s safe to travel with cannabis. Although cannabis is legal at the state level, it is still illegal at the federal level. Due to the conflict between federal and state laws, individuals need to know how, when, and where they can transport their state-authorized cannabis. The ability to travel with legal cannabis is based on several parameters, including the destination and transport means.

The destination should be initially taken into consideration when traveling with legal cannabis. It is essential to learn the state laws concerning traveling with cannabis. Basically, due to the federal ban on cannabis, legal marijuana can’t be carried across state lines. This is true even if your destination and your origin have similar cannabis laws. Due to changing laws governing different states, traveling with cannabis can bring a lot of issues. Interstate travel is based on federal law, which means transporting carrying legal marijuana across state lines is considered a crime according to the federal government. Cannabis can be legal in one state and illegal in another, which further complicates the issue. An individual traveling with cannabis can be charged with drug trafficking by the federal government.

Furthermore, trying to transport legal cannabis across international borders (e.g., between the United States and Canada) could lead to severe charges, including arrest, fines, and imprisonment. American and Canadian officials can still detain holders of a medical-marijuana cardholder for possessing marijuana at the border. Moreover, the permit to utilize cannabis in your home state doesn’t imply that you can use it in another state.

Intrastate Travel with legal cannabis

Although individuals can legally travel within a legal marijuana state (i.e., intrastate travel) means travel with legal cannabis, specific areas of that same state will still be restricted for marijuana possession and use. Carrying cannabis onto federally owned property is illegal. Some federally owned properties include national parks, post offices, federal buildings, military installations, and different land types managed by the federal government. For instance, although medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is illegal to smoke cannabis in Rocky Mountain National Park because it is federal property.

Those traveling with legal marijuana should always enable them to take their medical-cannabis card because thery’re evaluated by 420 evaluations. This can be essential, especially if you are asked about possessing marijuana. It is also necessary to know the amount of cannabis that you are carrying. State laws generally limit the measure of marijuana that citizens can take. It is essential to know the laws of your home state and your destination state’s laws if you plan on traveling with weed.

The area of destination also plays a role in your travel. Even though your state may have legal cannabis, it is essential to know the state’s laws before traveling with cannabis. Public and private property are not considered the same, and each state has its own rules and regulations concerning traveling with marijuana. Therefore, it is essential to understand the cannabis rules of your desired destination.