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Cannabis Micro-Dosing

Cannabis dosing is not the same as dosing other drugs. With cannabis dosing more isn’t always better. Indeed, the absolute best dose of cannabis may be the dose that isn’t felt instantly.

According to research by Syque Medical, a Tel Aviv-based medical cannabis organization, cannabis microdoses can be similarly as viable as higher doses.

Before analyzing research on cannabis and dosing, lets first analyze the basics on micro-dosing.

What is micro-dosing?

The idea of microdosing is somehow basic. It means taking moderate quantities of cannabis in a given time frame.

The reason behind cannabis micro-dosing is similarly clear. Rather than filling the endocannabinoid system with an overdose of cannabinoids, why not give more modest doses intended to launch the body’s own endocannabinoid creation? Endocannabinoids are similar to anandamide, and both works to prevent the body from pain and inflammation.

However, all these lies only in theories. A couple of years ago, scientists didn’t understand how micro-dosing worked.

Research on cannabis micro-dosing

Due to the lack of research on cannabis and micro-dosing, researchers at Syqe Medical were aimed at discovering more. 27 patients with chronic pain were administered one of the following treatment alternatives:
5mg of inhaled THC
1mg of inhaled THC
Placebo without THC
The patients were unaware of the dosage they were taking.

At the end of the study, the 1mg THC group’s plasma THC levels surpassed the .5mg group’s, suggesting that higher THC admission may encourage somewhat higher THC absorption. However, surprisingly, while the 1mg THC group also had more side effects, they didn’t feel twice the pain relief—Both gatherings revealed 39% and 25% decreases, respectively.

The two doses brought about an outstanding decrease in pain intensity: 63.64% of the patients in 0.5 mg dose, and over 69.57% of the patients in 1.0 mg dose, with the pain scores showing at least a 2-point reduction.

One of the primary micro-dosing advantages of cannabis is convenience. It is easy to pinch a cannabis cookie or inhale one hit from a vaporizer. You can also microdose cannabis in the form of honey. Just spread cannabis honey on to a single slice of toast. Micro dosing makes you receive the medical benefits of cannabis without getting high and remove the burden of getting high in uncomfortable situations.
Interestingly, MMJ’s advantages are possibly more essential when you use the less is more methodology. According to a study by Wilsey et al., on the impacts of low cannabis doses, distributed in The Journal of Pain in February 2013. The researchers discovered that cannabis was a useful painkiller when taken in small and medium doses.

Another research by Portenoy et al. on the opioid treated cancer patients, distributed in The Journal of Pain in May 2012. The researchers administered THC/CBD spray to patients who were lethargic to painkillers. It showed that those who got high doses of the spray still experienced pain. But patients who received lower doses experienced lower pain.

Why is it recommended?

It helps to Know your dose; Cannabis microdosing is a useful method to gain a relaxed and focused high. When cannabis is consumed in small doses, you can prevent symptoms like paranoia, anxiety, or extreme psychoactivity. Additionally, little doses of cannabis offer a mild but significant type of healing and alleviation.

Cannabis microdosing isn’t for patients who need severe pain relief. Nonetheless, many patients know that lower doses of THC matched with a full spectrum cannabinoid is a good remedy for several ailments.