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Medical Marijuana for Pets

Medical marijuana for Pets

The popularity of medical cannabis is due to its impacts not only on humans but also on pets. Most pet owners now want to use medical cannabis for the wellness of their pets after realizing that this organic supplement can work in combination with traditional pet medication because medical marijuana for Pets is important.

Is medical marijuana good for pets?

From time to time, our pets are usually affected by conditions such as anxiety, pain, and depression. These conditions can sometimes be detrimental and most pet owners usually choose traditional medications to help reduce these symptoms. Conventional treatments may not work for your pets and sometimes it can lead to side effects. Cannabis is a natural treatment which can better replace pharmaceutical pills.  Cannabis has proven to be effective on humans and on pets. Also, it can reduce the side effects that come from using conventional medications.


CBD is the primary cannabinoid responsible for bringing the health benefits of cannabis to pets. CBD is non-psychoactive which means it won’t make you or your pet to become impaired. Also, CBD offers numerous health benefits such as relief from pain relief and stress. Here are some common symptoms in pets that can be treated with CBD.


Seizures is a debilitating that can affect the health of pets. It’s often followed by symptoms like anxiety and chronic pain. Seizures can be a detrimental condition to treat with regular medications, that’s why most pet owners are now turning their attention on medical marijuana as a way to combat these symptoms. CBD can reduce seizures and its aftereffects.

Depression and Anxiety

Pets also suffer anxiety and depression the same way as humans. Anxiety results from when there’s an imbalance of serotonin in the brain. CBD can help balance these serotonin levels and help to reduce anxiety. When CBD enters the body, it will interact with Serotonin and Adenosine receptors to increase brain function.

Pain and Inflammation

The ability to feel pain is regulated by the vanilloid receptor responsible. This receptor is also found in pets and helps to regulate pain and inflammation. When we consume CBD, it interacts with the vanilloid receptors to reduce swelling and pain. CBD also blocks the vanilloid receptors from sending pain signals to the brain. The ability of CBD to reduce pain in pets is due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Bottom line

Most people will want to get the best treatment alternatives just to see their pet happy. Buying medical marijuana for pets will depend on the type of symptoms your pet is experiencing. Therefore, it might work for your pet and not work for others.

Medical marijuana for pets can be in the form of edibles, CBD oil, tinctures, gummies and more. Also ensure to read to dosage and ingredients of the product before administering to your pet.

Due to little research on CBD for pets, its safety and efficacy is still under debate. However, its recommended to consult your local physician to give you guidelines on how to administer medical marijuana to your pet.