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How long does marijuana stay in your system?

marijuana stay in your system

Cannabis is a very popular plant that comes in different forms including edibles, tinctures, joints, oils and more. To gain the benefits of cannabis, it must be ingested into the body. That’s why it’s a common asking about the time of marijuana stay in your system . Depending on what quantity ingested into the system, cannabis may linger in your system for 60 days. However, since one system is different from another, the time frame in which cannabis will stay in your system can vary. Many parameters can influence the timeframe of cannabis in your system. Factors like body metabolism, rate of consumption, body mass index, and ingestion method all influence the longevity of cannabis in your system.

If you just started consuming cannabis for the first time, then there’s a high chance that it can disappear after 2 days without consumption. On the other hand, people who consume cannabis every day will still have cannabis in their system unless they stop consuming cannabis for 60 days.

The method of ingestion highly influences the time frame in which cannabis stays in your system. When you consume cannabis in the form of joints, it instantly shows in your bloodstream. However, joints take shorter periods to disappear from your bloodstream.

Consuming cannabis through edibles takes a few hours before it shows in your bloodstream. This is because your system needs to digest the edibles before it becomes effective. Unlike joints, edibles stay in the bloodstream body for longer periods.

After consuming cannabis, it remains in your blood, urine and hair. The fatty acids found in your urine and hair attract cannabis and make it stay there for longer periods.

According to several studies, constantly exercise after long periods of abstaining from cannabis can re-ignite THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid.

Factors that influence the longevity of marijuana stay in your system

Several individual and external variables play a role in the longevity of cannabis, including:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Frequency of consumption
  • Daily consumption rate
  • Daily Exercises
  • Ingestion method

THC is a fat-soluble cannabinoid that interacts with the fatty acids in your body. High body fats attract high THC. So, if you are a daily cannabis consumer with excess fat in your body then you will be storing enough THC in your body.

The factors that influence the longevity of cannabis in your system are quite logical and it all boils down to one thing; increasing your rate of consumption will result in cannabis staying longer in your system. Daily cannabis consumption also builds the concentration of cannabinoids in your system.

Bottom line

There is no precise response to how long cannabis lingers in your bloodstream. What may work for you may not work for others, so ensure to consider your rate of consumption if you want to reduce the amount of marijuana stay in your system.

Long-term cannabis consumers will have more cannabis in their bloodstream than novice cannabis consumers.

Also, if you plan on passing a drug test on cannabis, ensure to respect the 60 days of withdrawal, shave your hair and abstain from exercises.

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