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Medical Card In San Diego

If you need a medical marijuana card in San Diego right now, without even leaving your house, then you need Med Card Now for your 420 cannabis card. Our medical marijuana doctor is available right now to give you instant approval on your card – online. MMJ cards don’t have to be expensive and there’s NO reason to wait. Get one at the price you deserve, when you need it – which is literally RIGHT NOW. No other MMJ card provider will take care of you this quickly and at this cost. Our cards are beautiful, legit and will get you access to any of California’s dispensaries as well as in San Diego that require medical ID cards.

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The marijuana business is very strict. If there is a recreational dispensary near you, then you might opt out of getting a card. But they’re still extremely hard to find. There is one in Sorento Valley and one closer to downtown but you still have to travel there to get your MMJ. However, there are a lot of medical MJ dispensaries across San Diego County so you can just get your medical marijuana card in San Diego after you have complete your super simple evaluation in San Diego – without having to leave the house!

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Get ready to buy medical marijuana today. Most dispensaries as a matter of fact deliver, so again, you still don’t even need to leave the house – either to get your card or get your weed. This is great, especially if you are in some kind of pain or have a physical disability that makes it hard or prevents yours from leaving the house.

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MMJ Card Renewal in San Diego

If you need a renewal of your medical marijuana card, we’ve got you covered as well! All you need to do is hop on over to our renewal page and fill out some quick information and you’ll be set, INSTANTLY. No need to stop by the office, just get your old card together if you have it along with your driver’s license and visit us online for instant approval.

Where to find medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego

Here are the Top Ten Dispensaries around San Diego

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MMIJ in the News

medical marijuana card renewal san diego

Recreational cannabis was approved by California voters in 2016 through Proposition 64, then advocates for med and recreational marijuana rejoiced. Decriminalizing cannabis would mean reduced penalties for cannabis offences and increased access to the potential medical benefits of THC and CBD, which are both found naturally in cannabis. The new laws which allow for recreational use took effect in 2019 across California, with Assembly Bills 3067 and 1763 in place for new regulation.

What is the Medical 420 Law in California?

The basic inclusion of AB 3067 states that any cannabis product or business, instrument or paraphernalia that is made for smoking or ingestion of cannabis – THC – and the list of products around the industry are allowed provided they are not marketed to an audience younger than 21 according to the Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World (PRCMDC). That is, no images depicting persons under 21 or minors under 18 for any marketing purposes.

“There is a large education gap between the industry and the public regarding cannabis,” Lisa Buffo says. “Speaking to the media and educating the press about what your business is doing is one way to reach an audience.”

PRCMDC does not allow website operators or service / mobile app operators to direct any marketing or advertising of cannabis to minors, and fully supports this law and is in compliance. You must be at least 21 in order to get a medical card in the state of California.

AB 3067 expands these current regulations on privacy for minors, making it harder for advertisers of cannabis and tobacco paraphernalia to reach internet and app users under the age of 21.