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Benefits Of Getting a Medical Card In California

california medical card benefits

Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996; even recreational use got legal in 2018. It means that getting your hands on marijuana is a cinch in California. This fact makes it questionable whether it’s useful for Californians to have a medical card.

Do you really need to apply for a medical marijuana card? It’s pretty normal for a newbie to be ignorant of numerous things. Well, if you’ve been wondering about this, the following write-up will explain the several ins and outs of marijuana access in California and how a medical card is useful.

With a simple three-step online process, MedCard Now provides you with the fastest and easiest medical card services right away without even having to leave the comfort of your home. Now it’s even easier to enjoy the endless benefits of getting a medical card in California.

Top 3 Benefits Of Getting a Medical Card In California:

Medical Card can make your experience a lot better than that of a recreational cannabis consumer in several ways. Here’s a list of our favorite aspects of getting a medical marijuana card in California:

1. Helps You Stay In Your Budget for Card In California

If you haven’t gotten your hands on purchasing cannabis products in California yet, you might be unaware of the bunch of taxes levied on your purchases. Recreational users have to pay a 15% excise tax in addition to other sales taxes. All these taxes together make a huge sum of money you need to pay every time.

However, things aren’t the same for users who opt to apply for a medical card. You can save your bucks with a medical card as taxes are waived off up to 25% for the medical use of marijuana. This can help you save money for a wider collection of strains.

2. An Easier Access To Dispensaries

A glance at the number of cannabis dispensaries in California reveals that medical dispensaries are five times greater in number as compared to recreational marijuana dispensaries in California. This is probably because of the extensively time-consuming licensing process required to open recreational cannabis dispensaries. Thus, it implies that having a medical card opens your doors to enjoying unrestricted access to all the Medical cannabis dispensaries in California.

3. Uncompromised Quality And Quantity

As a medical card holder in California, you never have to compromise on the quality and quantity of cannabis strains. You’re open to buying an incredibly wide variety of strains that are diligently tested for quality and hygiene levels. Also, you can get your hands on more potent cannabis strains with a higher THC concentration that you may not be able to otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Getting your medical card isn’t a daunting process anymore. The 3-day hassle-free process of getting a medical card from MedCard Now can turn the tables for you. Now is your time to get a medical card and enjoy all the benefits of getting a medical card in California.